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World-Class Care for Anyone

The Alliance and Perthera have partnered to provide personalized treatment options to patients with colorectal cancer. The Personalized Treatment Program (PTP) gives stage III and IV patients access to personalized treatment found at top cancer centers, no matter where they live. Using the power of artificial intelligence and data analysis, the program can improve treatment and save lives.

Program Benefits

  • A report will be sent directly to you and your doctor with in-depth treatment options and clinical trials, ranked by their potential to improve your treatment.
  • Your report will be reviewed by Perthera’s Molecular Tumor Board, made up of cancer experts from world-renowned institutions. Having a strong understanding of personalized treatment options save you from unnecessary treatments. 
  • Enroll using a simple, one-page form that takes five minutes to complete.
  • The Alliance coordinates the entire process and offers support along the way.

Who Is Perthera?

Perthera is a leading precision oncology company that uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to generate treatment recommendations for cancer patients. The Perthera Report is the only report that provides precisely-ranked treatment recommendations to help guide medical decision-making and improve survival rates.

The Perthera platform has been used by over 250 cancer centers and 10% of oncologists throughout the U.S. It has been shown to improve outcomes in certain cancer types. Perthera follows the patient’s progress and records that valuable information to enhance their own artificial intelligence (AI) and deliver it to the scientific community. The data is used to advance cancer care for patients now and into the future. With a five minute call, Perthera has everything they need to advance your cancer care to a best-in-class level.

Contact Us to Learn More

Call the Alliance Helpline at (877) 422-2030 or complete this form to see if the Alliance’s Personalized Treatment Program is right for you. Once submitted, Perthera will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a brief call, address any questions, and discuss the process.

Additional Resources

These materials provide more information about the Personalized Treatment Program for you and your care team.

Personalized Colorectal Cancer Treatment Program


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