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Get Involved 

One act of generosity can have a profound and lasting impact. Be the one to make a lifesaving donation supporting the Colorectal Cancer Alliance for #GivingTuesday. 


CRC Screening Should Begin at 45

The United States Preventive Services Task Force released a draft recommendation to lower the screening age for colorectal cancer to 45 years old for average-risk individuals. This would mean that people age 45 and older will, in most cases, be eligible for insurance reimbursement for CRC screening.

Find Your Community

Ally To Ally

Ally to Ally is our new, secure onsite community that will allow our allies to connect, share experiences, and access volunteer opportunities! Try it out for yourself

Care During COVID-19 Fund

Patients Can't Wait!

Our allies are telling us they are afraid. Help us support the programs our patients need the most during this pandemic. Each donation helps us meet the critical needs of our patients, families, caregivers, and survivors. 


Patient & Family Journey

Whether you're newly diagnosed, in treatment, a caregiver, or a survivor, answer these few quick questions and we'll give you folders with the resources you need. Remember, we're here for you every step of the way. Call our Helpline or chat a navigator with questions about any of this information.


Helping patients, caregivers, loved ones and survivors

We serve as allies to everyone touched by the disease, with a national network of survivors and advocates at the ready to help others navigate their cancer journey. Having walked in your shoes, our helpline staff can share experiences and identify the right resources for wherever you are on that journey. 


Catching cancer before it can advance

Working with healthcare professionals and social influencers, we will overcome barriers to screening and improve access to colonoscopies and alternative screening methods. When detected early, colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable forms of cancer, yet a third of at-risk adults have not taken steps to make sure their cancer is caught before it can advance. 


New treatments, new drugs, new protocols

Collaborating with research institutions through our Chris4Life Research Program, we’re funding promising research in areas including young-onset colorectal cancer, immunotherapy and biomarkers, and patient-centered research areas like clinical trials and quality of life and survival issues. We are committed to investing $10 million toward this research by 2021.


Many, many ways to help

Our nation of passionate allies is growing; we invite you to join us in the way that suits you best. To that end, we make it easy to get involved, from our popular Walk to End Colon Cancer to new and simple ways to create your own grass-roots local event. No matter how you choose to help, your contribution will be valued by all of us. After all, we can’t do this alone.

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