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Earlier this month we asked you what you’re thankful for this year. Now it’s our turn to share! 

“I’m thankful for the tenacity and spunk of a mission driven staff and for the increased confidence our donors have in our ability to make a seismic impact with colon cancer screening and survivorship.” – Jasmine Greenamyer, Interim CEO

“I'm thankful my mom beat her cancer diagnosis so my family and I have her around for years to come.” – Ali Ornitz, Fundraising Associate   

“I’m thankful to be making a difference for colon cancer survivors. I am thankful for our stage IV fighters -- they are my heroes.” – Randy Henniger, Patient Support Advocate

[caption id="attachment_987" align="alignright" width="425"]Colon Cancer Alliance staff join at our recent National Conference! Colon Cancer Alliance staff join at our recent National Conference![/caption]

“I'm very grateful for my family in Poland. Distance has really made me realize how much I love, miss and learned from them. I’m also thankful for my family here – my wonderful hubby and daughter – for their unconditional love and support. I’m thankful for my friendships and developed relationships in life – they all bring so many valuable lessons and enriching experiences. Lastly, I’m thankful for an awesome family at the Colon Cancer Alliance. Coworkers here are becoming great friends and treat each other like brothers and sisters. I love that and the fun and upbeat atmosphere. I really enjoy the great work/ professional/ accounting opportunity here.” – Emily Monnig, Office Coordinator/Accounting Assistant

“I’m thankful for my health. The patients and survivors we work with every day are a constant reminder to be grateful for a healthy body and to treasure each day. More importantly, I’m thankful for pie and ice cream.” – Melissa Bjorklund, Senior Patient Support Coordinator

“I’m thankful for medical advancements in the colon cancer world. Survivors are living longer and I’m very fortunate to work with so many awesome volunteers.” – Nancy Butterfield, Volunteer Engagement and Exhibit Coordinator

“I’m thankful for laughter, health and my loved ones. I’m also thankful for all I’ve learned and the amazing opportunities I’ve had this year through working at the Colon Cancer Alliance.” – Becky Kerner, Communications Coordinator

“I’m thankful for health, family and friends!” – Nicole Sheahan, Corporate Outreach and Fundraising Director

“I’m thankful for my amazing daughter, Margaret-Ann, and for having the opportunity to work with her on colon cancer advocacy, education and outreach events.  Margaret-Ann is passionate about the need to educate young adults on the importance of prevention through screening, being your own healthcare advocate and understanding the importance of knowing your family's health history.  Working together we look forward to a world free of colon cancer so that all families will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving for many years to come.” – Martha Raymond, Patient Support Director

“I'm thankful for the people who believe in the Colon Cancer Alliance – our supporters, volunteers, staff and, most importantly, the patients and their loved ones who lean on us for support.  They're true inspiration!” – Colleen  Pyra, Marketing/Communications Director

“I’m thankful that our family will be celebrating the 10th Thanksgiving since my husband's stage III rectal cancer diagnosis. We are especially thankful that he is healthy and cancer-free!” – Andrea Clay, Director of Special Projects

We’re Here to Help

Need support during the holiday season? You’re not alone. Call our free Helpline at (877) 422-2030 M-F 9:30-4:30 ET or connect with others through our upcoming My CCA Support Holiday Fellowship Chats.


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