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Cynthia Health, a stage IV colon cancer patient, has been a 9-year advocate for the Colon Cancer Alliance. She has experienced first-hand the community of support the organization is known for by attending our patient conferences, using our toll-free Helpline and participating in our Buddy Program. She credits the Colon Cancer Alliance with her ability to beat the odds! Read her story below.  Through my career as a project manager, I’ve learned to arm myself with the best resources available to get the job done. So when it came to managing my colon cancer diagnosis and treatment, I knew I needed the Colon Cancer Alliance. My name is Cynthia Heath and I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2007 at age 45. At the time, I was given just one year to live but, in part because of the support, guidance and resources made available to me by the Colon Cancer Alliance, I am still here nine years later. Through their vast network of resources, the Colon Cancer Alliance is able to help patients, caregivers and their families from screening to diagnosis to treatment to survival. For me, the Colon Cancer Alliance has been a vehicle for information, love, care and support. They make available all the tools necessary to fight a colon cancer diagnosis and to live with and after this disease. By donating today, your generosity will allow the Colon Cancer Alliance to provide life-saving support to more than 1.5 million colon cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members. Make a Donation to Colon Cancer Alliance Today I’ve made the most of these opportunities by being a regular caller to the Colon Cancer Alliance’s toll-free Helpline, participating in online chats and the Buddy Program, attending the National Conference and using the Colon Cancer Alliance’s network to learn of a new clinical trial. Attending the conferences in particular has been a profound experience for me. To connect with other people dealing with this disease has given me the strength to stand up and tell my story. Their story was my story. Cynthia with loving and supportive familyYou can talk to your family and friends, but you can't talk to them like you can talk to another survivor, someone who has actually gone through a cancer journey. The Colon Cancer Alliance has been that community of survivors and caregivers who understand what it means to be a cancer survivor and get through this kind of a diagnosis. The Colon Cancer Alliance provides this kind of support and resources to 1.5 million patients, survivors, caregivers and family members every year and is committed to saving 15,000 lives annually through this critical work. Looking ahead, the organization has a bold goal to double the number of people served and expand its ongoing colon cancer research funding to a total of $10 million by 2021. With your generous donation, the Colon Cancer Alliance will realize the vision for a world free of colon cancer in our lifetime. Please give today. I am the reason Tomorrow Can’t Wait. Make a Donation to Colon Cancer Alliance Today Your gift will make possible a future for me and other colon cancer patients and survivors who are on this journey. Thank you for your generosity. Sincerely,
Cynthia Signature 2016 Cynthia Heath
P.S. Click on my picture to watch me tell my story. All donations made to the End-of-Year Campaign will provide critical support to colon cancer patients, survivors and their families, advance our life-saving research initiatives and fund our nationwide prevention efforts. Make your year-end gift today. Tomorrow Can’t Wait!


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