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From volunteer to dedicated colleague, Martha Raymond has exemplified class and dedication to carrying out our mission to knock out colon cancer. Her new role as Executive Director at Michael’s Mission will be an opportunity for her to continue being a beacon of hope for those impacted by colon cancer and to share the message of prevention with all. In preparation for today, Martha’s last day at the Colon Cancer Alliance, we took some time to reflect what the last 3 ½ years have meant to her.

8703693054_0f229e9f1b_k1. What is your favorite memory from your time at the Colon Cancer Alliance?

Martha: This is a very difficult question, since I have many wonderful memories from my 3 1/2 year tenure at the Colon Cancer Alliance. I would have to say, however, that my favorite memories have been meeting and getting to know our patient community. Being able to empower, encourage and support a patient throughout their colon cancer journey is truly an honor.  I've made many lifelong true friends through my association with the Colon Cancer Alliance - first as a longtime volunteer and then as a staff member.  It's a privilege being a part of this community, and I look forward to building new relationships as Executive Director at Michael's Mission.

2. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Martha: I am proud of many accomplishments that continue to empower and educate our patient community on a daily basis. However, one event that stands out to me mainly because of its positive impact on our Blue Note Fund, was the 2013 Stars Go Blue concert featuring Alan Jackson. I vividly remember standing in the wings of Nashville's Ryman Theater with Charlie and Nan Kelley and Denise Jackson watching the concert. I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude knowing that through the generosity of our Nashville friends we would be able to fund our financial assistance program for more than a year and help deserving families battling colon cancer.

1531872_390097104459588_1775693215_n3. What is the biggest change you've see in the colon cancer space since you joined the Colon Cancer Alliance?

Martha: It is amazing to see how the colon cancer space continues to grow with more and more volunteers getting involved to help in our fight to eradicate colon cancer. Through these efforts, colon cancer is now at the forefront of many legislative initiatives, and advocates from across the country continue to lead our call to action.  One of the other very positive changes I've seen is that patients no longer feel like they are battling this disease alone. There are many avenues for patients to seek support not only from professionals, but from patients who are willing to share their insights and stories of hope.

Martha has touched the lives of thousands of colon cancer patients and truly left her mark in the hearts of many. Her team of trusted colleagues was continuously inspired by her work and will carry on the patient-centric programs that she worked so diligently to build. Thank you, Martha! We wish you nothing but the best.

From Our Staff:

Your creativity and class has benefited all of us. The organization has grown with the changes you helped implement, especially Patient Support. I have learned so much from you and I will miss you.

Nancy Butterfield
Patient Support & Outreach Senior Manager


I have learned so much from watching you lead our team but even more importantly, I feel immense gratitude for your friendship, support and love. You've created a place for people to thrive and made coming to work a joy! 

Jeannie Moore
Co-Founder and Patient Support Navigator


"Martha is an exemplary advocate for our mission -- while I am sorry she is leaving our team, I'm pleased she will be taking on a leadership role in our community and that her time with the Colon Cancer Alliance has prepared her to be a successful non-profit executive."

Eric Hargis


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