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I received a life-changing call from my twin brother Ken while vacationing with my family last December.

My name is Kurt and I am Ken Kiess’ identical twin brother. From birth, Ken and I have always been fighters; oftentimes fighting one another. But now, we’ve come together to fight something bigger than the both of us—colon cancer.

It may sound selfish, but Ken’s diagnosis forced me to start thinking more about my own health. At the time I got the call, I was 50 years old and wasn’t seeing a doctor on a regular basis. I had no idea whether I was healthy or not. But my risk for colon cancer was now much greater—nearly doubled, due to my family history.

I owed it to Ken and my family to step up and stay on top of my health. Today, I am one of the lucky ones—no evidence of cancer. But I know regular screenings are my only option for staying this way.

That’s why it’s so important for organizations like the Colon Cancer Alliance to keep bringing awareness to screenings options, research and more. Through campaigns like Screen This Too! and programs like Blue Hope Financial Assistance and the Blue Hope Research Award, the Colon Cancer Alliance is dedicated to knocking out this disease. Your generous donation of $25, $50, or $80 will continue to help those who need screening or treatment assistance to overcome barriers and ensure we have the know-how, tools and resources to beat this brutal disease.

Blue Hope Financial Assistance provides $300 one-time financial stipends to qualifying individuals to help cover the cost of screening or for patients in financial distress.

The Blue Hope Research Award is a one-year research fellowship providing vital resources and funding to some of the brightest investigators focusing on cutting-edge topics like young-onset colon cancer and biomarkers.

There are one million colon cancer survivors in the United States today, and I will do whatever it takes to help my brother join those ranks and come out stronger than ever before. Learn how you can impact a life. Contribute now!

2015 is almost over—it’s time to show your support for all of the colon cancer warriors out there. Please, donate to the Colon Cancer Alliance today.


Kurt Kiess Sig

P.S. Did you know that your 2015 year-end contribution can go even further? Check out doublethedonation.com/cca to see if your employer will match your tax-deductible contribution today!


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