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Our Impact

Care During COVID-19

Shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance established the Care During COVID-19 Fund to make possible the patient support programs our community needs the most during the crisis.

Together, our generous supporters have donated an incredible $779,147 to our Care During COVID-19 Fund, which has allowed the Alliance to help those in most need 85,146 times in nine months.

From our Helpline and Clinical Trial Finder to the daily digital chats and our financial assistance program, our patient support services have never waivered during this challenging time. Because of our community’s incredible generosity, we’ve been able to preserve (and even expand) these critical offerings to ensure we are caring for those patients and caregivers who need it most.

April Through November 2020 Impact Stats


Callers to the Alliance Helpline


People in Patient & Family Support Chat Sessions


Comments & Interactions In Our Online Communities


Financial Assistance Applications Processed


COVID Tests Provided To Colonoscopy Patients


Patients Seeking Life-Saving Options Using Our Clinical Trial Finder

Our Community In Their Own Words

The Care During Covid-19 Fund Creates Impact


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What's Next For The Care During Covid-19 Fund?

Cancer hasn’t stopped during COVID, but the pandemic has created a new need and numerous challenges that are critical to address across our Screen, Care, and Cure pillars.

Screenings have dropped by 86% relative to averages prior to January 20, 2020, resulting in at least 18,000 additional missed or delayed colorectal cancer diagnoses in the early March to early June timeframe alone. The Alliance is working tirelessly to address the urgent need for screening awareness and navigation to all types of options for effective colorectal cancer prevention.

Sadly, we also know there will be an even greater need for patient support as we see the ripple effect of more and later diagnoses. The Alliance is holding steady to support the community as we navigate newlydiagnosed patients and those still struggling with cancer in these uncertain times.

Research has also slowed during this time, leading to delays in life-saving trial opportunities for potential participants and in critical medical knowledge. Many clinical trials that paused enrollment are now reopening, and the Alliance remains committed to supporting the research community as well as patients as they navigate these existing-yet-elusive trial options.

We’re making a difference thanks to you!

This year has been challenging for all of us. But just as we’ve done for 21 years, the Alliance will remain the go-to resource for those on a colorectal cancer journey. Neither a virus, nor a pandemic, nor an economic recession will deter us.

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our cause. We will end colorectal cancer in our lifetime.

For more information on the Care During COVID-19 Fund or to express interest in supporting this effort, please contact Chief Development Officer Regan Huneycutt at rhuneycutt@ccalliance.org.

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