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Information Overload

Caregivers field a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. Being under stress can make remembering those important details even harder. Here are a few simple tools to help you stay in control.

Use a calendar. Whether it's on your mobile device or just a calendar in a notebook, having a resource to track those important dates is invaluable. Even an infallible memory under stress will forget details.
Get a notebook. You're going to need a place for notes and important information. Mobile apps like Evernote, Google Keep or OneNote are useful for tablets and mobile devices. Paper school notebooks also work, but should be easy to carry and hold a pencil/pen easily.
Contacts. Add your important contacts as favorites in your phone to make it easy and fast to find. For easy grouping/sorting, consider a standard prefix like ‘MED’. Save links for health portals in one place for easy access.
File medical bills. Get a multi-pocket, multi-index expanding file folder to separate each bill by provider. Attach your 'Explanation of Benefits' from the health insurance provider to these bills and make sure the amount due matches.
Questions. Sometimes questions come to you in the middle of the night, keep a notebook near your bed to write them down. This also helps you get back to sleep, easing your mind that you won’t forget the next day. Bring a list of questions to medical appointments and take notes.
Expect the unexpected. Even though the medical team will be able to give a general guide for what to expect during cancer treatment, it’s normal to face unexpected changes and challenges. No matter how much organization and preparation you do, disruptions to those plans are inevitable. Expecting these changes will allow you to be more flexible and responsive to new challenges that come your way.

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