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Even though colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the U.S., not enough people talk about it. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about their bowels, and because of this stigma, it’s easier for people to have misconceptions about colorectal cancer. Being aware of the facts can have potentially life-saving benefits. That is why we’re debunking five myths about colorectal cancer and encouraging everyone to stay informed.

Myth #1: CRC Only Affects Older People


While it is true that the risk of colorectal cancer increases with age, it can affect people of any age.

Recently, cases of colorectal cancer in young people have risen by 2.2% each year. At the same time, the rate for people aged 65 or older has dropped. While science has not settled on why more people are receiving a young-onset colorectal cancer diagnosis, the Alliance is currently funding research to identify possible causes.

The chances of surviving colorectal cancer increase when it’s detected early. Therefore, young individuals should acquaint themselves with the symptoms of CRC as well as their family’s medical history

While the recommended age to begin screening is 45 years old, you may need to get a colonoscopy sooner depending on your individual risk factors. The easiest way to find out when you should get screened is to take the Alliance’s free screening quiz.

Myth #2: CRC Only Affects Men