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For National Health Education Week on October 20-24, 2014, we asked you: what is the #1 thing you want the world to know about colon cancer?  You shared some truly inspirational stories and information - thank you! Check out some of the top responses and continue the conversation.

  • Speak out! Don't be embarrassed, everybody poops! I feel like people are proud to be breast cancer survivors but I don't hear much from the colon crowd. I am a booty cancer survivor and proud because it was the hardest thing I have ever done! Judy DeDeyn Clifford


  • You can beat it at ANY age. My grandmother was around 90 at the time of her diagnosis and she lived to be 98 and a half.- Suzanne D. Pucciarella


  • Age doesn't matter. Young people develop this cancer. Educating health care providers that this disease crosses all age groups is very important. The assumption that young people don't get colon cancer is dangerous!- Naomi Felch-Armstrong


  • Colon cancer can be a concern from birth if it's genetic. It isn't just hereditary and it isn't just something that happens to 50 year olds and up. Not everyone has symptoms or blood. Your health is in YOUR hands so take the time to find someone who will listen, test and treat after you research, educate yourself & seek first and second opinions. I'm thankful for healthcare professionals but they are human and if it's rare in your area, you can easily be dismissed by any doctor.- Christina Gradney Johnson


  • Those two minutes of discomfort saves you months of suffering and your loved ones years of grief. Watching my dad die was the worst thing I have ever experienced. Imagine how it felt for him. Get screened.- Jody Brown


  • It took my daughter at 26. Shattered her dreams and my heart is broken. She was 24 when diagnosed. Listen to your body and know what to look for. Push the doctors to check everything. She had stage IV before we knew.Lisa Medders


  • Don't hide your symptoms from your loved ones...don't be afraid of screening studies, the sooner is found the less likely it would give troubles.Jorge Fernandez


  • Watch what you eat!- Wally Ogi Johnson


  • Anyone, any age can get it. I was diagnosed at 29, no family history of colon cancer. I think they need to lower the age of when you should start getting a colonoscopy. The only way to have caught mine before it turned into cancer was if I was having colonoscopies since I was 20Gillian Anderson Jones

To deliver a message that can help prevent this disease, we must continue to bind together and use our voices to take down colon cancer.  What is the #1 thing that you would like the world to know about colon cancer? Tell us in the comments! 

Don’t forget, if you have questions or are in need of support, please contact our free Helpline at (877) 422-2030. We’re here to help.


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