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Ever find yourself puzzling over what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Mid-June is here, and with that are the usual Father’s Day gift promotions pushing accessories for the grill, cutting-edge electronics, and whimsical ties. If none of these seem quite right for your dad, you’re probably not alone.

This year, why not think outside the box as you consider what’s most important about your parents? Their health and longevity are critical, and most likely far more meaningful than anything you could wrap up in a box.

Fortunately, certain serious illnesses can be prevented through screening and early detection. Colorectal cancer is a great example. If detected at a precancerous or early stage, treatment can eliminate future disease. With recent advances in medical technology, there are now a number of different colorectal cancer screening tests available to choose from. Beyond a colonoscopy, there are several noninvasive tests that can be performed at home. Today’s dads who are eligible for colorectal cancer screening (age 50 and older, at average risk for the disease) should be sure to ask their healthcare providers about getting screened if they haven’t yet already.

Why not use this Father’s Day to check in with your dad about his colorectal cancer screening status? And, if you find out that your dad is not up to date with screening, consider offering him the “gift” of a reminder. Your interest in his health – perhaps your insistence that he get screened – might be the most precious Father’s Day gift he ever receives.


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