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Dear ally,

If you or a loved one has ever faced cancer, then you are no stranger to uncertainty. With good health as your goal, you followed the best advice of doctors and sought support from your community. Under challenging and changing circumstances, you’ve always done your best to live your best.

In recent days, comparisons have been made between cancer and the coronavirus. Cancer is unique in its development, treatment, and human toll, but I’d say one analogy rings true: The world is learning what it feels like to face uncertainty about all the things that really matter.

Our staff is filled with dedicated professionals who humble me every day with their energy, creativity, and grit—but, as you may guess, many of our staff members have not personally experienced cancer. This pandemic is grounding us all in a recognition that, for cancer patients and their families, our reality today has been their reality every day. 

I want you to know that, especially in these unprecedented times, the Alliance team remains evermore committed to its mission—ending colorectal cancer with our lifesaving programs to screen, care, and cure. While our staff has shifted to remote work, maintaining vital connections through video calls and a staff Facebook group, our commitments to you stand, as they always will.

Below we’ve compiled several resources unique to the challenges we’re all facing together, but apart, amid COVID-19. The most critical message, I believe, is to maintain a sense of community. While we cannot responsibly gather, we can connect—we must.

Please, take care of yourself in the days ahead and let us know how we can help.


Michael Sapienza
CEO, Colorectal Cancer Alliance



COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind, and we are committed to sharing information, updates, and answers to key questions. Click here to visit our COVID-19 information page.

It's time to connect

Luckily, the Alliance already offers allies support and connection through numerous services including our helpline and online community. To better support our community during this time of need, we’ve launched a new group chat to manage fears and concerns and another one to offer capacity building to buddy mentors as they support their peers. Click here to learn about our chats, Buddy Program, and other ways you can find and offer peer support.

Protecting access to health care

The Trump administration is starting to call on the military to assist in the response to coronavirus. This strategy needs to be rapidly accelerated to protect access to health care. Here’s why.

Mental health and COVID-19

How can we ensure our mental health during this time of social isolation and uncertainty? We are here to support you, our allies. Cancer does not stop for a pandemic like this. Here are a few blogs that may help you weather the days ahead:

Michael's message originally appeared in the March edition of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's monthly newsletter. To receive the newsletter and other Alliance communications, sign up here


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