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My name is Vanessa Ghigliotty and I am a stage IV survivor.

They told me, “Get your affairs in order as soon as possible.” That was my introduction to cancer 12 years ago.

I was diagnosed in April after months and months of symptoms and misdiagnoses. “You’re just stressed,” doctors had told me.”You’re a single mother, attending college and working part-time. What do you expect?” And while I knew something wasn’t right, I never expected to hear the word cancer.

Cancer is tough. It’s all encompassing in ways you’d never expect. Three years of chemotherapy and eight surgeries left me sick, but I wasn’t Vanessa w textgiving up. And, I couldn’t do it alone. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to find the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Making sense of my cancer with members of their staff and community instantly made me feel less alone, and able to look to the future. Suddenly, I had hope and a new family by my side. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep these lifesaving initiatives going with your generous contribution of $25$50$80 or more, today:

  • Blue Hope Research Award: 12 years ago, colon cancer research was scarce, especially when it came to information about those of us diagnosed under age 50. The Colon Cancer Alliance’s one-year research fellowship provides vital resources and funding to some of the brightest investigators focusing on cutting-edge topics like young-onset colon cancer and biomarkers.
  • Blue Hope Partnership Program: This program provides funding to partners furthering the Colon Cancer Alliance mission in local communities. Partners do this by promoting access to screening, conducting innovative research and connecting patients to treatment.

Just a few years back, I wasn’t sure I’d get to see another year. I wasn’t sure I’d get to be a mother to my son. I wasn’t sure I’d be here to see 2005, let alone 2015. Help save a life. Give to the Colon Cancer Alliance today.

Time is dwindling. I urge you to make your 2014 contribution count.

Donate to the Colon Cancer Alliance before it’s too late.


Vanessa Ghigliotty
Colon Cancer Alliance Buddy, Advocate and Volunteer

P.S. By making your gift to the Colon Cancer Alliance now, you can start the New Year knowing you are helping patients, survivors and caregivers to feel less alone, less afraid and more hopeful for the future.


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