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One of our partners is conducting a research project about metastatic colon cancer survivor and caregiver experiences. They are looking to interview stage IV survivors and caregivers (via video/phone and in person) to learn about your clinical experience and how the disease has impacted your life. Compensation is up to $150 for your time.  

Remote Video Interviews

We’re looking for 8 patients and 1 caregiver total for video/phone interviews. These can be from any area in the U.S. Compensation for remote interviews is $125.

In-Person Interviews

For in-person interviews in NYC, New Jersey, Chicago and LA, we're looking for 3 patients and 1 caregiver per city. Compensation for in-person interviews in NYC, NJ and Chicago is $150. Compensation in Los Angeles is $150/patient, $125/caregiver.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Nancy Butterfield, nbutterfield@ccalliance.org or 202-628-0123 x 112.


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