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Labor Day is a day to kick back, relax and celebrate all of the hard work you’ve put it over the summer and year. So, naturally, the best way to celebrate is to throw some burgers, hot dogs and steaks on the grill and turn that bad boy up, right? NOT SO FAST.

Studies show there may be an association between red meats  and mortality rates in colon cancer survivors. So this Labor Day, protect your health a bit by incorporating some cancer-fighting foods into your cookout.  These are some of our favorite red-meat-alternatives, and recipes, too!


Why not try poultry as a healthy alternative to red or processed meat this time around? If your family loves to break out the "barbie," this could be the perfect opportunity to try a turkey burger or chicken as healthier white meat alternatives.

Black Pepper

Get out the pepper grinder and take advantage of black pepper’s cancer-fighting qualities by incorporating it into everything – from your veggie seasoning to a homemade turkey burger rub.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato fries, anyone?! Instead of loading up on deep fried traditional spuds, why not try a cancer-fighting sweet potato alternative? Not only are sweet potatoes known to help relieve constipation and irritable bowels, they are just an all-around notorious super food.


Cranberries have long been known to have lots of health benefits, and more recent research has helped reinforce this by showing that cranberries may delay early stages of cancer.  Add some color to your barbecue by prepping a salad to serve before the main course. If you’re feeling adventurous, mix up some cranberry barbecue sauce or sprinkle a handful of dried cranberries to the top of your dish.

Soy Products

We know, we know. When you think barbecue, soy doesn't exactly come to mind. But, researchers say lifelong exposure to genistein, a bioactive component in soy foods, could protect against colon cancer. So whether you add a side of soybeans to the meal or you’d rather replace your franks with a delicious soy hot dog (yes, they exist), make a point to bring on the soy this Labor Day. No excuses: Soy Connection has lots of other tasty suggestions!


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