John Huynh, a well known face in the Dallas-Fort Worth skating scene, was recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at the age of 28. In November, his friends, family, and the community came together to support John and help raise money for his hospital bills with a Cancer Benefit featuring a skate trick contest, a […]



My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer during exploratory surgery. She had been ill for weeks and no one could figure out why. During the surgery, the doctors found a huge tumor in her colon and were able to remove it – with a large section of her colon. She was 42. I was 22 […]


Amr Radwan

A Diagnosis I had symptoms for a few years starting when I was around 30. I had recently returned from Afghanistan and chalked it up to some random parasitic infection; Maybe I drank the water inadvertently or ate something that wasn’t quite up to snuff. I remember my wife (then fiancée) begging me to go […]