What We Do

Never Too Young for Colon Cancer CoalitionThe Never Too Young Coalition is a group of medical professionals, patient advocacy organizations, cancer survivors and caregivers working to educate the public about this growing issue and reduce the number of late stage young-onset cases.

As the leading national colon cancer patient advocacy organization, we’re dedicated to bringing together the brightest minds to increase screening rates and survivorship.

Lifesaving Think Tank

The Never Too Young Coalition creates, tests and implements strategies in the pursuit of knocking out colon cancer. Over the next year, the coalition will:

  • Fund a young investigator who will take a deeper look at what factors are causing this increase in young-onset colon cancer.
  • Disseminate lifesaving information to patients and the public as a way to increase knowledge and give young adults the tools they need to be their own health advocates.
  • Conduct a nationwide social media campaign that not only educates the young lay community but also removes the embarrassment factor associated with discussing one’s rear end.
  • Provide timely and appropriate information through NeverTooYoung.org, including webinars and young-onset survivor chat sessions.

Coalition Members

The Never Too Young Coalition is Supported By:

Download the Never Too Young Coalition Manual to learn how you can get involved! For more information, please visit nevertooyoung.org or contact the Coalition at info@nevertooyoung.org.