The Undy RunWalk series continues to grow at an astonishing rate and we are always looking for more volunteers to not only help us in advance of the event, but also the day-of the Undy RunWalk. Volunteering at the race enables you to be part of a successful, inspiring event that raised awareness for colorectal cancer in your local community. Volunteer activities include, but are not limited to:

            • Assisting with setup before the race starts
            • Greeting and checking in registered participants at the registration table
            • Capturing the day through photography services
            • Managing the refresh and refuel tent

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called the Undy RunWalk? Do people really run in their undies?

The Undy RunWalk was created to encourage people to draw attention to colorectal cancer in a fun and exciting way.  Some participants sport their favorite pair of family-friendly undies, while others dress as Santa Claus, a superhero or simply as a runner. Heck, our teams sometimes even make their own branded briefs!
As a volunteer you are more than welcome to dress up or not; it is totally up to you.

What is my time commitment?

We ask volunteers to plan to tentatively stay from 6:30 am – 11:00 am. This time might fluctuate slightly as we near the race and determine our needs for that morning, but you will always have your time slot by the Monday afternoon prior to the race.

Every location has different rules and regulations, and if we are not allowed to set up the day before we must set up our entire race expo the morning of the event. When this is the case we kindly ask our volunteers to help us slightly earlier in the am.

Where do I go?

When you arrive look for a sign that says ‘Volunteer Check In’ which is typically near or at the Colorectal Cancer Alliance booth.

What do I wear?

Please dress comfortably and weather appropriate. Even though it might be summer time, it is usually still chilly at 6:30 am! Please wear sneakers/tennis shoes, or other comfortable closed-toe sturdy shoes. Volunteer t-shirts will be provided. This t-shirt ensures that participants and staff can easily tell who is a volunteer.

What will I receive for volunteering?

Every volunteer will receive a yellow ‘Undy Crew’ t-shirt to wear on event day, and take home after. Volunteers are also welcome to water and snacks provided at the race.

Can I receive credit for volunteering, or can someone sign my community service form?

Definitely.  Any staff member on site can sign your form. If you do not have a form provided to you by your school/program, Joanna Frezzo can send you an official document stating after the race. Please email her after the event,

If I’m volunteering can I run or walk in the race?

Yes! We encourage any volunteers to participate who would like to. Please let staff know ahead of time, as this might affect which job we assign you.

Can children volunteer?

Absolutely! If you are age 15 or younger, you must bring an adult over the age of 18 with you.  We also welcome any families that would like to volunteer with their children, however children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Can I volunteer with a group?

Absolutely! We have many volunteer groups including sororities, fraternities, National Honor Societies, church groups, MeetUp groups, and many more. If you would like to volunteer with a group, please indicate the group’s name on the volunteer intake form.

Is there somewhere to leave my personal belongings?

No. We do not have a dedicated area for volunteer’s personal belongings, so please leave any valuables at home or bring a backpack to keep these items with you.