Colon Cancer Alliance Announces Corporate Name Change

National Non-Profit Begins A New Chapter Revealing New Name, New Logo, & Inclusive Mission

November 2, 2017 (Washington, D.C.) –  Effective immediately, the Colon Cancer Alliance is now the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, embracing the entire colorectal cancer community, adopting a new name, and committing to a powerful mission: To empower a nation of allies who work with us to provide support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivors; to raise awareness of preventative measures; and inspire efforts to fund critical research. The official rebrand brings an inclusive identity that ensures accuracy, leadership, and most important- alliance within the colorectal cancer community.

The Launch of a Nation of Allies – The name change is part of a larger rebranding effort for the organization which includes a new logo and visual identity, new website, and commitment to accuracy for the entire colorectal cancer community.

With the strategic mission of servicing both colon and rectal cancer patients, combined with fierce determination to end colorectal cancer within our lifetime, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance set three ambitious goals:  

  • Double the number of patients served by 2021
  • Save 100,000 lives with preventive screening in the next 10 years
  • Invest $10 million in critical research

The organization launched a national network for advocates and allies to show their support in eliminating colorectal cancer within our lifetime and highlight ways individuals can educate their local communities on prevention and screening options. The focus of the “Nation of Allies” theme is to empower individuals to work with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to provide support to patients and families, survivors, and caregivers, to raise awareness of preventative measures, and to inspire efforts to fund critical research.

“On behalf of the entire Colorectal Cancer Alliance community, we are beyond thrilled to be launching this new name, logo and visual identity to help continue to grow as the leading resource for patients and families,” said Michael Sapienza, CEO of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.  The Colorectal Cancer Alliance is the oldest, largest colorectal cancer non-profit in the nation and I am proud to part of this amazing evolution” Michael Sapienza, CEO, Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Nearly a third of all colorectal cancers diagnosed this year will be rectal cancer. Nearly 40,000 new U.S. cases of rectal cancer will be diagnosed in 2017 alone. Colon cancer and rectal cancer are often grouped together because they have a lot in common—including symptoms—but they are different, depending on where they originate. Through this rebrand, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance has extended its reach into the colorectal cancer community by 30% while committing to align a nation of allies, together in the mission to end this disease.

“We share a common goal of eradicating colorectal cancer through prevention and early detection,” said Kevin Conroy, chairman and CEO of Exact Sciences and long time national partner of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. “As this new chapter begins for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, we are committed to working together to increase awareness about the importance of getting screened for this preventable disease.”

The name change and brand reveal debuted alongside the 2017 Tomorrow Can’t Wait National Conference at the Cleveland Clinic on November 1st. Conference attendees consisting of patients, survivors, and caregivers, had front row seats and true VIP access at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the official kick-off. The nonprofit decided on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame from so many requests from cancer patients attending the conference. You can visit the Facebook live rebrand announcement at

“To be surrounded by patients and families at such a historic event, celebrating new beginnings and amazing accomplishments is truly one of the most important nights of my life. We are grateful to this nation of allies supporting our vision: A world free of colorectal cancer within our lifetime” Michael Sapienza, CEO.

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance worked with Alexandria, VA based creative agency Grafik on the new identity and overall rebranding efforts.

To learn more about the rebrand and Colorectal Cancer Alliance, visit


About the Colorectal Cancer Alliance

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance is a national nonprofit committed to ending colorectal cancer. Working with our nation of passionate allies, we diligently support the needs of patients and families, caregivers, and survivors, eagerly raise awareness of preventative screening, and continually strive to fund critical research. As allies in the struggle, we are fiercely determined to end colorectal cancer within our lifetime. For more information, visit

Over 200 Colorectal Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers to Take Part in the 15th Annual National Conference focused on Patient Empowerment

Now in its 15th year, the Colon Cancer Alliance’s annual National Conference will honor and celebrate colorectal patients and families, survivors, and caregivers. This two-day conference at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, is made up of those who have been personally affected by colorectal cancer in their lives. The theme of the conference is “Tomorrow can’t wait,” and this year’s focus is all about patient empowerment.

“An empowered patient is educated in all aspects of the patient journey, understands the need for an open and honest dialogue with their healthcare team, and is able to advocate for themselves and others. The Colon Cancer Alliance understands that now is the time to empower our community: Tomorrow can’t wait” – Michael Sapienza, CEO, Colon Cancer Alliance.

Close to 75 percent of conference attendees are colorectal cancer patients, and 35 percent of them are currently undergoing treatments. Attendees will participate and discover through interactive discussion the important role that patient empowerment plays in all aspects of a colorectal cancer diagnosis.

“Feeling like you have a community of support and information to help you along your journey is the most important goal of this event. We want attendees to feel empowered, educated, and to provide a shared sense of camaraderie,” Michael Sapienza said.

The conference will empower all participants. The theme of Tomorrow Can’t Wait carries into the agenda packed with empowerment-focused topics ranging from effective communication when talking to healthcare professionals, to support around important needs and challenges caregivers face. Additionally, attendees will participate in out-of-the-box plenary sessions that include the following:

  • Clinical Trials:  What All Patients Need To Know
  • Case Study Interactive Discussion with Leading Healthcare Professionals
  • Relationships and Intimacy

This year’s conference is sold out, but the Colon Cancer Alliance will livestream the event. The event link can be found here and will be live Nov. 1. This event was made possible through the support of our trusted partners: Genentech, Lilly Oncology, Array BioPharma, Bristol-Myers Squibb, BTG, Merck, Taiho Oncology, Clinical Genomics, Amgen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Boston Biomedical, Epigenomics and Igynta, and the Cleveland Clinic.

A very special announcement will be made the first night of the conference…stay tuned for more exciting details.

About Colon Cancer Alliance
The Colon Cancer Alliance is a national nonprofit committed to ending colon cancer within our lifetime. Our mission is to knock colon cancer out of the top three cancer killers. We are doing this by championing prevention, funding cutting-edge research and providing the highest quality patient support services.

For more information on the conference, please visit our conference page.