From Sword and Sorcery to Paranormal Romance, from Weird Fiction to Fairy Tales, Fantasy For Good presents a wide range of exciting short fiction to accommodate every taste. In this collection of 30 stories, legendary authors and great new up-and-comers spin tales of magic and mayhem. This charitable anthology features brand new fiction from Piers Anthony, Michael Moorcock, Carrie Vaughn, Kelley Armstrong, Alan Dean Foster, Katharine Kerr, David Farland, Jane Lindskold, Nnedi Okorafor, Todd McCaffrey and many more, alongside classic tales from George R.R. Martin, Jay Lake, Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta and Neil Gaiman. All proceeds from the sale of Fantasy For Good go directly to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

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We all had things we were afraid of when we were kids, whether it was going to sleep, sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall or using the potty. After all, the bathroom can be a scary and unfamiliar place for the little ones. That’s why Paul Perzyk and Eric Bookout, also known as Uncle Paul and Mr. Book, created Even Poop Has a Purpose,  a children’s book dedicated to helping kids overcome their fears. Together, we’re making poop a topic people young and old are comfortable chatting about. $1 from every book even benefits the Colon Cancer Alliance.

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For over five years, author Kim Griffin has had a front row seat to her husband’s journey with colon cancer. Love You to the Woods and Back is the story of this journey, which beautifully intertwines the Griffin family’s struggle with this disease, and their ability to find humor, hope, and random acts of kindness along the way. Patients, care-givers, family, and friends alike will find a friend and mentor in Ms. Griffin, whose honest writing is both heart-breaking and uplifting. Part of the proceeds from each purchase will benefit the research, patient support and prevention services of the Colon Cancer Alliance.

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Wade Hayes was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2011. His resulting surgery, treatment and experiences inspired Wade to write the song, “Is It Already Time.” Using his story to raise awareness and encourage others to get screened for colon cancer, Wade is donating the proceeds from the song to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

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