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You have symptoms that need a second look.

Talk to your health care provider now.

You have one or more symptoms of colorectal cancer to discuss with your healthcare provider, doctor, or gastroenterologist. Tell them about your symptoms immediately. You may need a colonoscopy now.

Need help finding an appointment?

The Alliance has partnered with Zocdoc to help you find a specialist.  Visit them in their offices, or video chat with them from home.  Find an appointment below.


More Information

About Colonoscopies

A colonoscopy is the standard screening method for people at higher risk and can be used for average-risk individuals, too. It is a routine and safe procedure. A doctor uses a thin tube with a camera to see inside your colon and rectum while you’re in a sleep-like state. If found, polyps — abnormal tissue growths that may become cancer — can be removed during a colonoscopy, preventing cancer. 

A colonoscopy procedure typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on whether the doctor needs to remove polyps or take biopsies. However, patients and caregivers should plan to spend up to three hours total at the hospital or endoscopy center to account for the time needed for preparation and recovery from anesthesia. 

About Common Symptoms

The most common symptom of colorectal cancer is no symptom, and that’s why routine screening is critical. If symptoms are present, they may include:

  • Blood in or on stool
  • Persistent unusual bowel movements like constipation or diarrhea
  • Stomach pain, aches, or cramps that don’t go away
  • Losing weight for no reason

What is colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer, or CRC, refers to colon cancer and rectal cancer. One in 24 people will get colorectal cancer in their lifetime, but most people have the power to prevent it!

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