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Colorectal Cancer Alliance, BLKHLTH® and Cottonelle® have teamed up!

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance and partner sponsors, BLKHLTH and Cottonelle are working together to provide education, low cost screenings, and financial resources to eligible Black Americans. Together, we will help decrease barriers to care, increase access to critical resources, and reduce the stigma around colon cancer.

Screening Options

Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)

A FIT can be done at home. This test checks for blood in stool that cannot be seen with the naked eye. You simply take a small sample of stool and place it in the provided container or card for analysis. You will either return the kit to your doctor’s office or send it back by mail. A positive test requires a follow-up colonoscopy. A FIT should be completed once a year.



Stool DNA test

A stool DNA test is an at-home test for people at average risk. You collect a stool sample in a provided container and mail it to a lab for analysis. At the lab, your stool is tested for DNA and blood. Both could indicate precancerous polyps or cancer. A positive test requires a follow-up colonoscopy. Stool DNA tests should be completed every three years.




A colonoscopy is also a good option for people at average risk. During a colonoscopy, a doctor uses a thin, flexible tube with a camera to look inside your colon and rectum. The doctor will search for anything abnormal and remove polyps, which are growths that can turn into cancer. Most colonoscopies are done with the patient under sedation (a sleep-like state). A colonoscopy should be completed at least every ten years but could be more often depending on the patient.




Call our free Helpline at (877) 422-2030 to speak with our certified patient navigators.

¿Necesita ayuda en español? Llame gratis a la Línea de Ayuda (877) 422-2030 y pregunte por nuestra asesora certificada bilingüe. 

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