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Supporting Innovative Research

The Alliance’s mission is to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. By supporting innovative colorectal cancer research by top doctors and scientists, we take important steps toward realizing our vision — a world free of this disease.

Click on a type of research below to see who is using our funding to accelerate treatment, prevention, and a cure. 

Research Focus: Treatments

Michael Foote, MD - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Defining the role of GNAS in colorectal cancer metastasis

Study Description: Dr. Foote is investigating certain mutations in the GNAS gene that are more prevalent in patients who develop metastatic colorectal cancer. Dr. Foote will use the highest standards of technology and innovation to investigate the role these GNAS mutations play in CRC and the development of metastasis which may lead to new treatments.

2022 Chris4Life Colorectal Cancer Alliance Early Career Investigator Award collaboratively funded by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Nilay Sethi, MD, PhD - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Preclinical validation of differentiation therapy in colorectal cancer

Study Description: Dr. Sethi and his team recently identified a factor responsible for blocking the maturation of colon cells that normally turnover every five to seven days, allowing precancerous cells to persist. Laboratory models showed a drug to inhibit this factor promoted cancer cell maturation and reduced the tumor burden. The team is investigating how this drug promotes maturation and cancer cell death. They plan to investigate numerous drugs that restore cell maturation and lead to cancer cell death. These preclinical studies will provide a critical understanding and the necessary evidence to advance the drug to a clinical setting.

2022 Chris4Life Colorectal Cancer Alliance Early Career Investigator Award collaboratively funded by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Eugene Kandel MS, PhD - Health Research Incorporated, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Division

Improved targeted therapy for BRAF- and RAS-driven colorectal cancers

Study Description: Dr. Kandel will investigate the MAPK pathway in RAS- and BRAF-driven colorectal cancers, which have a poor prognosis. These cancers have a poor response to conventional chemotherapy and only a small subset respond to immunotherapy. The team will use a combination of drugs that are currently approved to sensitize this hard-to-treat subset of CRCs. If successful, the study will position the new combinations of readily available drugs for clinical translation as an effective therapy for this subset of colorectal cancers.

2022 Chris4Life Colorectal Cancer Alliance Pilot Award

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