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Supporting Innovative Research

The Alliance’s mission is to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. By supporting innovative colorectal cancer research by top doctors and scientists, we take important steps toward realizing our vision — a world free of this disease.

Click on a type of research below to see who is using our funding to accelerate treatment, prevention, and a cure. 

Research Focus: Rectal Cancer

Dr. J. Joshua Smith

Development of an Accurate Model for More Precise Treatment of the Rectal Cancer Patient

Institutions: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Funding Mechanism: Chris4Life
Research Description: Dr. J. Joshua Smith is developing a model for the precise treatment of rectal cancer. His work has established a rectal cancer model, known as organoids, which better mimic patient-specific characteristics and serve as the optimal model for studying rectal cancer biology. These organoids are grown from very small amounts of tissue. This model could be used to study rectal cancer and individual responses to treatment, providing patients with more precise therapies. Dr. Smith and team have published articles on their findings in three journals and, as a result of findings through the Alliance grant, have received continued funding from NIH.

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