Rental Colon FAQ

Here are some of the most common rental colon frequently asked questions:


How much is it to rent the inflatable colon? The inflatable colon rents for $3,000 which includes shipping to and from your location. The rental fee also includes Colorectal Cancer Alliance awareness materials: 1 pack of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance Newly Diagnosed leaflets and 2 packs of Colorectal Cancer: Quick Facts.

What if I need more colon cancer awareness materials than you provide? Additional materials can be purchased through the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s online store. All inflatable colon purchasers or renters are eligible for 20% off in the online store.

How do I find out if the inflatable colon is available on the date I need it? Check our availability calendar. Please note that all requests require a minimum of 30 days’ notice; 60 day notice is preferred.

Do I need to pay the rental fee before the event? Yes, the inflatable colon rental must be paid for in full, no later than 15 days prior to your scheduled event to confirm reservation. If payment is not received by 15 days prior to your scheduled event, your reservation will be cancelled. Cancellations must be made at least 15 days before rental dates or your payment will be lost. We accept credit cards or checks. Checks should be made payable to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and can be mailed to the below address. Please contact Ashley Williams at (202) 628-0123 to pay via credit card.

ATTN: Ashley Williams
Colorectal Cancer Alliance
1025 Vermont Ave., NW
Suite 1066
Washington, DC 20005

Is the cost of the inflatable colon rental tax deductible? No, the cost of the inflatable colon rental is not tax deductible as you are receiving goods and services in exchange for your payment.

What happens if the inflatable colon is damaged during my rental? If the inflatable colon is damaged during your rental, let the Colorectal Cancer Alliance know immediately. You will be responsible for covering the cost of all repairs necessary to the inflatable colon. If the inflatable colon is damaged beyond repair, you will be responsible for replacing the inflatable colon at cost.

How long can I keep the inflatable colon? The standard rental for the inflatable colon is two nights and one day. If you would like to keep the colon longer, you may reserve it at an additional cost of $700/day. If the colon is kept longer than the scheduled amount of time with no notice to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, you will be charged for the full amount of an additional rental ($3,000). If the inflatable colon is available prior to your date, it may arrive earlier, in which case you will not be charged extra. Keep in mind, the inflatable colon is traveling to many locations across the country. By promptly returning the colon back the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, we’re able to assure it arrives at its next location on time.

How do I return the inflatable colon? You will receive a pre-paid return slip to ship via FedEx. After your event you simply call the FedEx number supplied and the inflatable colon will be picked up from the same location it is delivered. You must use the provided return slip for the return shipment and properly adhere it for shipment. Return instructions are included with each rental.

How do I clean the inflatable colon? Use a rag/towel and warm, soapy water to clean off any dirt or mud. If the warm, soapy water does not work, please use Simple Green, Formula 409 or something comparable to clean the colon. It is extremely important that the inflatable colon is completely clean and dry prior to packing it away. You will receive detailed instructions on how to clean and pack.

Do I need to clean the inflatable colon before I use it? No, you do not need to, but you may want to wipe down any areas with warm soapy water that may have accumulated dirt or dust due to shipping.

How close to my event will the inflatable colon arrive? The inflatable colon will arrive no later than one day prior to your event. We cannot guarantee exact time of arrival of the colon.

What happens if the inflatable colon arrives and will not function? If the colon does not work, please check the “Trouble Shooting Tips” sent with the inflatable colon. If none of these tips rectify the problem, please contact Landmark Creations at (800)553-3593 and notify the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Will you send someone to set up/take down the inflatable colon? No, we will ship the inflatable colon to you via FedEx with instructions for set up/take down. It will come in one box and weighs 125 lbs.

What are the dimensions of inflatable colon? The dimensions are 10′ long x 12′ wide x 12′ tall.

How much space is needed to exhibit? Please allow an additional 3-5 feet around the inflatable colon beyond its dimensions (specification sheet provided).

Can the inflatable colon be used indoors or outdoors? Yes, the inflatable colon can be used either way. If using outdoors, tethering is required and tethers are included. If rain is involved, it is highly suggested you use a canopy (which is not included) to prevent the colon from getting wet.

Does the inflatable colon require electricity? Yes, the inflatable colon plugs into a standard outlet or you can use a 2,000 watt generator or greater. Extension cords (which are not provided with your rental) must be less than 75 ft. or the blower will burn out. The blower is installed in the unit and runs continuously, similar to a bounce house at carnivals. If the blower burns out during your rental, you will be charged the cost to repair or replace it.

Is the inflatable colon handicap accessible? Yes, it is handicap accessible as it has no floor and a wide entrance.

What diseases does the inflatable colon show? The inflatable colon showcases normal colon tissue, a normal polyp, a malignant polyp, Crohn’s disease, colon cancer and advanced colon cancer.

Do I need to provide staff or volunteers to guide people through the inflatable colon? No, the inflatable colon is fully labeled inside, so there is no need for a guide. It is, however, recommended that at least one staff member is responsible for monitoring the colon to prevent others from tampering with or destroying it since you will be liable for any damage.

Can I display my own posters and signage on the inflatable colon? Copies of all public materials must be sent to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance for final approval and any signage to be displayed on the inflatable colon must also include the Colorectal Cancer Alliance logo (also to be approved). If you would like to have the colon signage display your logo as well, that can be arranged at a cost of $750 and requires a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice to be created.

Can I tape or attach anything to the inflatable colon? No, please do not tape or attach anything to the inflatable colon. If you would like to display anything inside of the inflatable colon, the Colon Cancer Alliance would be happy to arrange for custom signage for you.

Can I publicize that the inflatable colon will be at my event? Yes! The Colorectal Cancer Alliance will provide a press release template for your use prior to your rental term. Any advertising and promotion material must be approved by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance prior to release.

Do I need to get insurance for display of the inflatable colon? Per the inflatable colon rental contract, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance is not liable for any injuries or damage sustained by the inflatable colon while it is in your possession. It is recommended that you look into securing insurance for the inflatable colon rental, though it is not required.

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