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About This Guide

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance has found an overwhelming need for financial assistance and support during and after treatment for colorectal cancer. In response, the Alliance created this guide to help ease the burden of finding financial resources and additional support. The Alliance updates this guide with new information on a regular basis.

Helpful resources

African Americans and Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer in black men and women. African Americans are also diagnosed with CRC and young-onset CRC more often than members of other communities in the US. Colorectal cancer can be prevented through screening and is treatable when caught early. Generally, African Americans are at higher risk for cancer than other racial or ethnic groups in the US. More than one in three will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

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Top Ten: What You Need to Know When Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer

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Checklist for Patients and Caregivers

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Colorectal cancer doesn't care how old you are

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Colorectal cancer: How you can help end this disease

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Colorectal Cancer Alliance Programs

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CRC Patient Support and Community Action Brochure

After a diagnosis, it's common for patients and caregivers to feel alone with their questions and concerns. The Alliance believes no one should face this disease alone. The Patient Support and Community Action Brochure provides patients and their families with free support resources and, when they're ready, opportunities to make an impact against colorectal cancer.

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Family Health History Tree

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Living a Healthy Colon Lifestyle

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Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options

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Preparing For Your Doctor's Visit When Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor about treatment

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Sample Six Day Colonoscopy Prep Guide

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Symptoms Tracking Worksheet

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What you need to know about colorectal cancer

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Essential viewing

Are you newly diagnosed and looking for information? Our Colorectal Cancer Resource Guide helps patients navigate through a new diagnosis and tells you what to expect physically and emotionally. Hear from other patients, doctors, survivors, nurses and social workers to get the information you need to know.

Chapter 1: Just Diagnosed 

Defines colorectal cancer and talks about what to expect after a cancer diagnosis. This chapter also will provide a guide on how to utilize the internet, how family history and Lynch Syndrome affects your loved ones.

Facebook Live: What You Need To Know When Newly Diagnosed

Did you recently find out you or a loved one has colorectal cancer? Watch the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s Stephanie Rouse and the Cancer Support Community’s Danelle Johnston talk about the top ten things you should know about colorectal cancer diagnosis, treatment, communicating with your healthcare team, and much more.

Chapter 2: Becoming your own Advocate

Discusses building your healthcare team, ensuring you and your healthcare team communicate effectively, asking questions and keeping a journal of what the doctors say, bringing someone to your doctor’s appoint and reaching out to others.

Chapter 3: Treatments

Talks about treatment options, the four stages of colorectal cancer and the treatment for each, as well as clinical trials.

Chapter 4: Managing Side Effects and Recurrence

Explains how to manage side effects after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, coping after surgery, and pain management.

Chapter 5: Quality of Life and The Caregiver

Discusses the emotional impact on you and your loved ones, as well as the effect on your children and your spiritual life. Also touches on how to handle relationships and the impact cancer will have on your sex life. Lastly, this chapter reinforces how both the patient and caregiver need to take care of themselves.

Chapter 6: The Other Side of Cancer and Inspirational Messages

Addresses the pragmatic topics of how to manage your career and finances and the importance of reaching out to colorectal cancer organizations. Finally, chapter six provides inspirational messages from others with a direct connection to this disease. 

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