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Help Advance Colorectal Cancer Screening

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance is partnering with a biotechnology company, Freenome, for a clinical research study that could make CRC screening easier. The study is called PREEMPT CRC. Freenome is searching for participants across the U.S. who are at average risk of CRC and undergoing a colonoscopy. 

In addition to getting a colonoscopy as directed by their physician, participants will also get their blood drawn so researchers can investigate the effectiveness of a non-invasive CRC screening test. Participants will help advance science while taking care of their health. A stipend of $100 or more is available for participating, too. 

Are you — or is someone you know — the right participant?

The PREEMPT CRC clinical study will enroll about 14,000 participants. Eligible people are:

  • Asymptomatic

  • Average risk of colorectal cancer 

  • Ages 45 to 85

  • Undergoing a standard screening colonoscopy

  • Willing to provide a blood sample

  • Live in the United States (except Hawaii)

People with a personal or family history of CRC, or a medical or genetic condition that increases risk for CRC, are not eligible.

Learn More About this Opportunity:

Freenome PREEMPT Study Overview Video

Why Participate?

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Screening tests can save lives. Still, one out of three eligible people remain unscreened, with many thinking that current tests are too invasive, inconvenient, or uncomfortable.

Freenome’s blood-based test, if approved for use, could play a critical role in revolutionizing CRC screening and saving millions of lives worldwide. This study will validate a blood test to detect, or may even prevent, colorectal cancer through the use of a simple blood test.

Have Questions?

Call (855) 417-6350 for more information about the PREEMPT CRC Study.

Freenome PREEMPT Q&A

  • Who is Freenome?

    Freenome, a biotechnology company, has pioneered a comprehensive platform for early cancer detection using a routine blood draw. The company combines its expertise in molecular biology with advanced computational biology and machine learning to recognize disease-associated patterns among billions of biomarkers.

  • What is the purpose of the PREEMPT clinical trial?

    PREEMPT CRC is Freenome’s prospective clinical trial that is enrolling about 14,000 average-risk individuals. The trial aims to validate a blood test that can provide an accurate, convenient, and patient-friendly option to those undergoing screening for CRC and to support its submission for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

  • Where is the clinical trial taking place?

    Eligible people across the U.S. can participate. In response to COVID-19 and to make the trial more accessible, Freenome has implemented an approach that allows patients to enroll no matter where they live.

  • How long will the clinical trial last?

    The study is projected to be completed in the summer of 2022.

  • What are the possible risks of participating in this clinical trial?

    The blood draw is comparable to other tests that require blood draws. Possible side effects of the blood draw include feeling faint or pain, bruising, bleeding, or other discomfort at the place where the needle goes into the skin. In rare cases, infection at the needle site or fainting may occur. 

  • How can I sign up to be a participant?

    Register for the study here.

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