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Last month on our Facebook page, we asked, “What do you wish someone would have told you when you were newly diagnosed?” We heard such incredible feedback (more than 130 comments!) that we decided to share your thoughts.

Read what some of you wish you had heard when you were diagnosed with colon cancer:

Shan: I wish someone had said, "You're not alone. There are other young adults fighting this too."

Cara: Don't stress....ALWAYS maintain a positive attitude regardless of how dark your day is. It is ok to cry, but have a support group that will give you a shoulder to cry on. I was stage 4 and doctors keep telling me I was a miracle. I believe it is because I never stop laughing whether I mean it or not. Life is short anyway, so enjoy the new perspective and make the most out of every minute.

Tina: That colon cancer is not necessarily a death sentence... Wish someone would have told me before my diagnosis  that it's not unusual to be diagnosed younger—I would have taken my symptoms more seriously.

Erica: I wish someone would have told me to accept the help, you are not a statistic and to focus on the positive. Those are things I've learned as a stage 4 patient. Now, I'm in remission and enjoying every minute of life.

Lori: That it's ok to have ups and downs. Don't be afraid to talk to someone else. That everyone reacts differently. Keep trying different foods until you find something you can eat. That once it's over, it's really never gone. That once you make it through, you realize the reason you had to endure everything you did was to help others going through this; to give them hope, courage and strength so someone else knows they are not alone.

Troy: #1 always get a second opinion; #2 buy a notebook and always take notes or record your visits with the doctors on your smartphone.

Tobi: I wish someone would have just held me...Said nothing and just held me.

Heather: "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." – Winnie the Pooh

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful responses! What do you wish someone would have told you when you were newly diagnosed?

 Don’t forget, the Colon Cancer Alliance serves as a source of information and support. If you have additional questions about colon cancer or are in need of support, please contact our free Helpline at (877) 422-2030. 


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