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70-year-old colon cancer survivor Dottie Mattern has four more days of riding before she crosses the finish line in Tacoma, Washington to complete the Motorcycle Cannonball Ride. She has been training for months, preparing for the ride where she is raising funds for the Colon Cancer Alliance and Antique Motorcycle Foundation. Although she’s been met with some unforeseen challenges along the way, Dottie remains on track to reach the finish line on time – she’s killing it!

To encourage Dottie and contributors alike, supporters are adding a competitive spark to the mix by posing some fun mileage challenges. For example, Antique Motorcycle Magazine Editor Bill Wood, who is also driving one of the sweep trucks for the Cannonball, has announced a pledge of five cents per mile for Dottie, hoping that a perfect performance will lighten his wallet by $200. 

[caption id="attachment_2312" align="alignright" width="322"]photo (28) Dottie at the Salt Flats in Utah on day 12 of the ride![/caption]

Antique Motorcycle Foundation Director Ed Youngblood has posed a similar challenge, pledging five cents per mile and urging all of his fellow AMF Directors to do the same.  He says, “We’re urging others to donate generously to Dottie’s campaign to raise funds for two very worthy causes, and in my opinion, we don’t have the right to make such requests if we have not pitched in ourselves.”

All contributions to Dottie’s campaign are tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. If Dottie inspires you as much as she had us, support her by visiting ridedottieride.org and donating towards her campaign. To make your own mileage pledge, e-mail RDR@amf.foundation. And don’t forget to follow the rest of Dottie’s ride and check out her cross-country photos on her blog!  


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