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Six years ago Stephanie Hansen decided she wanted to start Bravelets™, a jewelry company with giving at the core. The company was born after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through the difficult days of dealing with her mom’s diagnosis and treatment, Stephanie wanted something her whole family could wear as a symbol of hope. But the company’s impact doesn’t end there, because for every item sold, 10% is donated to charity. Not only does Bravelets provide courage to those wearing their stylish jewelry, but they’re helping nearly 4,000 partner organizations move their missions forward in a big way. In fact, they've helped raise more than $44,000 in donations for the Colon Cancer Alliance since our partnership began! For all the lives you continue to impact, thank you Bravelets! Now, let’s hear from Founder/ CEO Stephanie. Share a bit about your story. Why did you start the company?  The idea for Bravelets came in the summer of 2011 when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to give my Mom a nice piece of jewelry to wear in the weeks leading up to her mastectomy. I was hoping to find something that my mother, sister and I could all wear to remind ourselves to be brave through that tough time. I had searched online for hours with no luck. Then, several days later, as I was driving to Houston to visit my mom, I had the idea for Bravelets. In fact, I even bought the bravelets.com domain while driving on my Go Daddy app – at a red light, of course! Can you share a little about the beginnings of the company & why you choose to give back? While searching online for something to give my mom, I Googled “gifts that give back” many times. The one recurring theme was that the majority of the products that actually did give back were not very clear about how much. I mostly saw “a portion of proceeds” or “a percentage of profits.” This type of ambiguity leaves the purchaser confused and unfulfilled. That’s why for Bravelets, I originally chose $10 per item sold, and now to help the business continue to stay afloat we made a decision to make that 10% of every item sold. We still fully believe in transparency and that every customer will know exactly how much they will be donating. Giving is still the core of our company and our mission is to help people be brave during hard times. Why is it important to give back?  I think deep down everyone wants to give back and wants to help others. However, selecting a charity and determining how much is the right amount to donate can be a daunting task. Bravelets makes giving easy and fun. We support nearly 4,000 different non-profits and causes, so everyone can find something that they want to support on our site! Why did you partner with the Colon Cancer Alliance? I am extremely close with my grandparents, and my grandmother, Nanny, had beat colon cancer years ago. When Bravelets launched in January of 2012 we only had one style of bracelet in 10 colors and 10 causes, and colon cancer was one of them. What’s your secret sauce for the massive success you’ve had? I honestly can’t pin-point one thing. We have an amazing team that all enjoys coming to work every day and truly believes in the mission of the company. We also have amazing customers that don’t just buy a bracelet, but instead become advocates for bravery and support one another. I am blown away every day by the courage, passion and support that I see in our Bravelets community. To get your colon cancer awareness necklace or bracelet, visit bravelets.com.

Don’t forget, the Colon Cancer Alliance serves as a source of information about colon health. If you have questions or are in need of support, please contact our free Helpline at (877) 422-2030. We’re here to help! 


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