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Having amassed a significant body of clinical data in the field of oncology, Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has contributed to the establishment of better treatment methods for years now as Japan’s leading anticancer company. Since the start of the new millennium, Taiho Pharmaceutical has made every effort to increase its global reach, seeking to bring smiles to the faces of more patients around the world. Thus Taiho Oncology, Inc. was established here in the U.S.  

With an emphasis on therapies designed for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC), we are very excited to partner with the Colon Cancer Alliance for another Undy Run/Walk!

How long has Taiho been involved with the Undy Run/Walk?

This is the second year that Taiho has sponsored the Philadelphia Undy Run/Walk. 

Why does Taiho choose to get involved with this event? 

At Taiho Oncology Inc. we look beyond the science of cancer to its ultimate target – patients and their caregivers. We are committed to treating cancer in new and innovative ways and to keep supporting those who need us most. This is why participating in the Undy Run/Walk is so important to our organization. 

How has your partnership with the Undy Run/Walk changed in the last few months?

Last year was the first time Taiho participated and extended the invitation to all corporate employees and families. We had over 50% of our employees participate in the event! With such a positive response to last year’s event, we received numerous inquiries as to “Will we be doing the Undy again this year?”  Thus it was an easy decision to commit to the 2015 Philadelphia Undy Run/Walk! Our employees appreciate the opportunity to engage with the community that we are focused on supporting, both personally and corporately. 

How does the Taiho team build excitement for the Undy Run/Walk?

This year we had a pre-event kickoff! We invited all Taiho Oncology, Inc. employees to attend a Town Hall Meeting we hosted with the Colon Cancer Alliance. This served as an opportunity for employees to pre-register for the Undy Run/Walk as well as a chance to learn more about the event and Colon Cancer Alliance. We also had the inflatable toilet paper roll on site to help promote the event and provide picture opportunities! 

We look forward to seeing you September 12th

Don’t forget, the Colon Cancer Alliance serves as a source of information about colon health. If you have additional questions about colon cancer screening or are in need of support, please contact our free Helpline at (877) 422-2030. We’re here to help.



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