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You've heard the old joke about the barber, entrepeneur and educator who walked into a bar, right? No?

Well, allow us to introduce Rodrick Samuels as a barber, cosmetologist, entrepreneur, business consultant and educator, who has clipped his way to the top of the beauty industry.

Rodrick is cutting through the unease surrounding colon cancer by spearheading the Shop Talk Movement, a campaign encouraging barbers and beauticians to start conversations about colon cancer while cutting their client’s hair. Genius, right?

“The Shop Talk Movement is special because as barbers and stylists, not only are we shaping heads, we’re shaping lives, too,” Rodrick explains. “People should be excited about the movement because it’s innovative, exciting and it’s helping educate people about this highly-preventable disease.”

An entrepreneur whose primary goal was to "do it big," Rodrick is all about style, attitude and how to condition for success. To Rodrick, education is key to success, but it is the quality that is crucial. His approach: a little something called Edutainment, a fusion of educating and entertaining because he believes more information is retained when the learning environment is fun and electric.

The best part? We’ll be reaping the benefits of Rodrick’s Edutainment approach when he takes our National Conference by storm in October. “I'm excited to speak at the CCA National Conference; I want to leave participants with a new take on advocacy and nontraditional methods of spreading the message. Everyone has a job to do and...well, let’s save the rest for the conference!”

It's going to be a blast -- join us this fall and meet Rodrick for yourself!

Learn more about the Colon Cancer Alliance National Conference and the stellar lineup of speakers we'll be hosting.


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