Every year, 15,000 people under age 50 are diagnosed with colon cancer. What’s even more concerning is that this number is on the rise, even though rates for those over 50 continue to decline.

We know screening is less common in younger individuals, and key symptoms are often unrecognized and misdiagnosed. But there is still much more to learn about why this is happening and how we can go on the offensive. The more we learn, the closer we are to getting ahead of these trends and providing younger individuals with the tools they need to take control of their health. In 2016, we will utilize the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) peer review process to evaluate the most promising research projects addressing this unique issue.


Research is essential to moving the dial forward in the area of public health. It forms the foundation of program development and policies that will save lives. We’re committed to this effort and hope you’ll join us.


We’re looking for sponsors to support critical research initiatives. To learn more, please contact Regan Huneycutt, Vice President of Development, at (202) 628-0123 or rhuneycutt@ccalliance.org.