After a cancer diagnosis, it can often feel like the world is falling apart. But you’re not alone; more than 1 million colon cancer survivors in the US have been where you’ve been, and their families too. They’ve had the same questions and often faced the same challenges. These survivors and loved ones are sharing their stories so that you realize the most important thing of all: there is hope.

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Terrence Howard

We’re thrilled to have Oscar-nominated and award-winning actor Terrence Howard join us for a new and powerful public service campaign to raise awareness and encourage colon cancer screening. Terrence became an advocate after his mother passed away from colon cancer in 2008.

Candace Henley: Superwoman, Supermom

Candace Henley was finally diagnosed with stage IIB colon cancer after six months of misdiagnoses. She went from what many called a “superwoman,” to needing her friends and family to take care of her. Candace went through tremendous physical and emotional turmoil, but 10+ years later, has a clean bill of health.

Eartha Kitt: Mother-Daughter Powerhouse

Eartha Kitt was an internationally renowned star and performer who distinguished herself in film, theater, cabaret, music and on television. Eartha was diagnosed at age 80 with stage III colon cancer. She passed away in 2008, but not without a fight. Passionate about carrying on her mother’s voice, Kitt Shapiro, Eartha’s daughter, has partnered with […]

Craig Campbell: Singing for Awareness

American country music artist Craig Campbell joined us in March 2013 for our Stars Go Blue Benefit Concert, opening for country music legend Alan Jackson. We were thrilled to have him as part of this inspirational event, and touched at how candidly he talked about losing his father to colon cancer when he was just […]

The Russo Family: Attitude is Everything

Nikki and Phil Russo met in a New York City café. The two creative minds immediately connected – Phil on his way to becoming the VP – Global Creative Director for the international fashion label Cole Haan and Nikki a fashion editor in the Big Apple. The young family was on page one of their […]

Yolanda Austin: Honoring Through Activism

Yolanda Austin and Bonita Scott met at a St. Louis, Missouri church more than 30 years ago. Despite their differences in personality, Yolanda lively and outgoing and Bonita shy and reserved, the two immediately hit it off. And for 30 years, the duo remained best girlfriends, leaning on one another through the thick and thin, […]

Valerie Awad: From the Caregiver

I am so blessed to have been the lifeline, the caregiver to three of the most precious people in my life. I was given this chance, this opportunity, this gift from God, to be the one who made the difference in their lives, and in two cases, in their returns home. This wasn’t a burden, this was […]

Robert Stephen Gilmore: Never Too Young

My son is now 16 years old and faced his second malignancy last year. At three years old, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He underwent chemo and radiation and after 12 years of survivorship, he was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer last summer – rare in children.

Dan Shockley: Navy Vet with the Right Attitude

My outlook is: another day, another positive testimony. Having my information spread to the masses will hopefully be a source of encouragement and inspiration for bringing awareness to the importance of colorectal screening. I want to share my story with others on behalf of those patients that have gone before me and who were unable […]