We’ve partnered with Lee Silverstein, creator and host of the The Colon Cancer Podcast. This podcast is the only one out there that deals specifically with colorectal cancer and has already become quite popular!

The show was created to provide survivors, caregivers and professionals a vehicle to share their stories of struggle, hope and survival in the face of colon cancer and to provide hope and inspiration to those affected by the disease.

My husband and I listen to your podcast (every episode). Thanks for doing it, it really has been helpful to hear. My husband, CJ was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon cancer exactly one year ago. He is a fighter! He is doing amazing. We’d love to talk more and share his story with you. And thanks to you, we will be attending the colon cancer conference in Phoenix. I heard about it on your podcast and we applied for scholarships and we just were approved! We are really looking forward to it.

Stacy & CJ