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Welcome! This guide will help you effectively use your Undy RunWalk Participant HQ. Your HQ is your hub for fundraising, sharing your mission, and reaching your goals. Using your HQ will help you raise more funds and awareness to end colorectal cancer.

In the upper right-hand corner of your page you will find your profile picture (or your initials if a picture has not been added). This will take you to your profile or allow you to log-out. If you have registered another participant who is associated with your email address, this is where you will go to move between accounts.

Clicking on “Profile” will let you do the following:

  • View your contact information (shown).
  • See all campaigns you have registered for that are associated with the Alliance.
  • Manage your email notifications. Email notifications refer to any email sent related to a campaign you have  registered for. This includes donation notifications, goal updates, or team activity. Email notifications can be managed on the campaign level.

The box to the left of your circle profile image will allow you to quickly enter into your Participant HQ Dashboard for any Undies for which you are presently or have previously registered. (The only exclusion is the event you are logged into.)

Participant HQ dashboard view

The Participant HQ dashboard is where you can monitor your personal fundraising activity as well as promote your page. Once registration is complete you will be directed to this view:

Along the top are various tabs that contain fundraising tools. On the left hand side you will see graphs of your fundraising activity.

Underneath the charts is the option to “Create or Join Team.” This button can be pushed if you are a solo fundraiser looking to create or join a team, or if you want to leave or switch teams. You can also invite others to join your team with this button.

To the right of “Create or Join Team” you can see how many emails you have sent. Remember, the more emails sent the greater odds you will meet your fundraising goal!

On the very bottom is a quick snapshot of donation detail. If you want to see additional detail, click on “View All.”

Participant HQ email

As a fundraiser your email must be verified before you are able to send emails through the system. This is to help improve email deliverability. If your email has not been verified the following view will appear on the “Email” tab.

Send emails directly from your contact book or by manually entering their email address. You can also send messages directly to your donors by selecting “Update my Donors.”

Once you have your audience you can select an available email template (a preset email message) by clicking the down arrow under the template box. When a template is selected, a subject and message will be entered, which can then be customized.

Alternatively you can  create your own email message. If it’s a message you think you’ll re-use, you can create your own email template by selecting “Save Template.”

When your message is complete select “Review Email,” which will allow you to see what your message will look like to recipients.

If you’re stuck, try emailing your closest friends first. Once you begin to receive donations you will gain momentum. Sending emails is a powerful tool that can be used to spread the word about your Undy RunWalk participation to help end colorectal cancer!

Participant HQ contact book

This tab will allow you to import contacts so you can start promoting your Undy RunWalk campaign.

When you select “+IMPORT CONTACTS” you will have the option of importing your contacts from any of the sources below. You can also upload contacts from an excel file in a CSV format.

Contacts can also be added manually by selecting “click here” and entering the information below:

Participant HQ reports

Here you can access reports on your personal fundraising. If you are part of a team, you can see your team’s fundraising activity.

Any report can be downloaded. These are valuable tools, especially if you are participating in an Undy every year, as you can draw on past supporters to help you meet your current goal.

If you are on a team you can find your team information through the “My Team” tab.

This view will provide the names of all team members, along with the team fundraising total.

The name of each team member is a hyperlink to their personal fundraising page. This can be an effective tool for team captains to encourage their team members and provide guidance on the best way to setup their personal page.

In some instances if a donation is made to a team and not an individual the amount raised for a team will be different from the individual totals.

Participant HQ “My Info”

“My Info” will show your participation type, which was selected during registration. From this view, you can also register additional participants.

To the right of “My Info” are three lines that you can click. These will open a menu letting you quickly move between any of the tabs reviewed in this guide.

Our thanks to you

Because of you, the Undy RunWalk has been a huge success year over year. Events continue to grow, sponsors keep contributing and the colorectal cancer community unites. Register online and go the extra mile for the cancer community by fundraising. For questions, reach out to specialevents@ccalliance.org or call (202) 204-7561.

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