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We know fundraising can be a bit intimidating, whether you’re an expert or a rookie. So we put together these tips to help get your initiatives off the ground and to jumpstart your fundraising success.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Make sure to thank your donors! When you receive a donation, send an email or card thanking that person for supporting your efforts and helping the Alliance end colorectal cancer within our lifetime. Handwritten notes are very powerful. 

If you received donations last year, thank those donors for their contributions and ask if they would support you again for the upcoming Undy.

Spread the word!

Don’t be shy. Tell everyone you meet about the Undy and why you are participating. Passion attracts people, and you never know who has been impacted by colorectal cancer and might want to join or donate.

Take your involvement and fundraising goal public on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out our Undy social media kit for ideas on posts you can add to your page to increase your fundraising. Everyone loves a good hashtag!

Email friends and family encouraging them to donate and join your team. Check out our Undy “Making the Ask” document for samples of emails and letters you can send to your friends and family.

Fundraise at your workplace!

Encourage coworkers to join your team or form a company team.

Ask your company to match what you raise. Some companies have a matching gift policy, so check to see if your company does.

Ask your boss for a company contribution or sponsorship. They will likely be impressed by your dedication and passion for the cause.

Make a “donation thermometer” to hang above your desk at work. Your coworkers will want to help that red line get higher.

Ask your employer to host a casual dress day. In exchange for a donation to your cause, employees can wear regular clothes to the office.



Challenge your loved ones to help you raise $200 by getting 10 people to donate $20. Challenges and deadlines help motivate supporters to get behind your cause.


Ask a local comedy club to host an evening in support of the Undy RunWalk, inviting other teams to sell tickets, too. Proceeds from ticket sales can be donated to the Undy.


Put together an old-fashioned block party in a parking lot or close off a neighborhood street (with permission). Have a band donate a few hours, hold a BBQ, do face painting, etc., all while raising money for the Undy RunWalk.


Ask your local restaurants to have an Undy RunWalk day. Host a fundraising event at your favorite local restaurant, during which either a percentage of the day’s sales or sales from a certain menu item go toward your team. Your team should be on-hand to ask for donations from the patrons as well as to talk about the event.


Contact local bars and see if you can do a fundraising crawl for your Undy RunWalk. Negotiate with the bars for a certain amount of the proceeds to go toward your team if customers mention that they’re there to support the fundraiser.


Plan one at your place of work or for friends, asking for a donation to attend.


Have a birthday party and accept checks made out to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in lieu of gifts.

Our thanks to you

Because of you, the Undy RunWalk has been a huge success year over year. Events continue to grow, sponsors keep contributing and the colorectal cancer community unites. Register online and go the extra mile for the cancer community by fundraising. For questions, reach out to specialevents@ccalliance.org or call (202) 204-7561.

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