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About the Undy RunWalk

The National Undy RunWalk series is a family-friendly undy-themed RunWalk created by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, with the goal to provide support for patients and families, caregivers, and survivors; to raise awareness of preventive measures; and inspire efforts to fund critical research.

Most Undy RunWalk events are a 5K, approximately 3.1 miles, and include a one mile fun run, which is untimed. People of all fitness levels attend and all events are timed unless otherwise noted. There are medals for the top three finishers in each age group and all participants receive a pair of our infamous undies to run or walk in.

General Questions

  • What is the Undy RunWalk?

    The Undy RunWalk is a family-friendly underwear-themed run/walk created by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. The event sparks vital conversations about colorectal cancer – the second leading cause of cancer death in the US – and raises funds and awareness to end this disease within our lifetime.

  • Do you really mean underwear?

    At the Undy RunWalk, we’re drawing attention to colon cancer in a fun and exciting way. But if undies aren’t your thing, no sweat. Some participants sport their favorite pair of family-friendly undies, while others dress as Santa Claus, a superhero or simply as a runner. Whatever your style, you’re sparking lifesaving conversations and helping make colorectal cancer something people are comfortable talking about.

  • What is the distance of the Undy RunWalk?

    Most Undy RunWalk events are a 5K, so approximately 3.1 miles. There is also a one mile fun run, which is untimed. People of all fitness levels attend the Undy RunWalk; if you’re not up for a run, you can always jog or walk!

  • Is the Undy RunWalk a timed event?

    Yes. The 5K is timed (unless otherwise noted) and there are medals for the top three finishers in each age group.

Registering / Signing up

  • Can survivors/patients register for free?

    Survivors and Patients can register for FREE. Email specialevents@ccalliance.org or call (202) 204-7561 to receive your free registration.

  • What do survivors receive?

    In addition to boxer shorts, patients and survivors receive a special survivor tee. We also hold a survivor ceremony where we honor current patients and survivors, and present them with a special medal.

  • My company/employer wants to pay for multiple registration fees. Is this possible?

    Yes, of course! The easiest way to do this is to have a Colorectal Cancer Alliance staff member set up a discount code for your organization. This discount code can then be used while registering online, waiving all (or a part of) the registration fee. After the event, we will send an invoice to your employer. To set up a discount code, email specialevents@ccalliance.org.

  • What is the Virtual Participation Option?

    The Virtual Participant option allows you to join a team, create a team or participate as an individual, from anywhere in the world and be an active part of the Undy RunWalk by raising funds and awareness for colorectal cancer.

    To register as a Virtual Participant, simply go to the Undy Run/Walk city specific page that you would like to participate in and select the "Join Us" button at the top of the page. Complete Step 1 by filling out all of your contact information. Next, complete Step 2 by selecting "Solo" (register as an individual), "Join Team" (register with an existing team), or "Create a team or register additional participants" (register a new team). In Step 3, complete required information. NOTE: In "Registration Type" drop down, select Virtual Participant. Finally, complete Step 4 to process your registration.

    This option includes:

    • A pair of boxer shorts

    • Survivor t-shirt if registered as a survivor

    • Survivor medal if registered as a survivor

    • Memorial flag if indicated in registration process

    • Access to our online fundraising platform

  • I accidentally registered as an individual and meant to join a team. What do I do?

    No worries! If you would like to be added to a team, simply send an email to specialevents@ccalliance.org with the name of the team you'd like to join.

  • Why does my bank account have pending charges to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance?

    If the "complete registration" or the donate button was clicked more than once while making a payment, your account may have pending charges. However, only one charge will actually be processed and the remaining charges will be dropped. It takes some banks up to three days to remove incorrect pending charges. If you have a question about a charge, please contact your bank. If more than one charge was fully processed, please contact us at specialevents@ccalliance.org or (202) 628-0123 ext 128 and we will be happy to refund you for incorrect charges.

  • Can I register at the event and pay by credit card?

    Yes, you can pay by credit card, cash or check at the event.

  • Is the registration fee included in my fundraising incentive total?

    No, because of tax reasons, the registration fee is not included in your fundraising amount. Only donations made by you or made on your behalf are included in this total.

  • When do I get my boxer shorts and race bib?

    Unless otherwise indicated on the city specific webpage, boxer shorts and race bibs/packets will be available for pick up race day starting an hour and a half before the start of the race. Check out your city's page for more details.

  • What comes with my registration fee?

    All participants receive a pair of Undy RunWalk boxer shorts, light food and beverage and for our 5K participants, timing services.

  • When I try to register online, I keep getting an error message that I am "already registered."

    This typically happens when a participant uses an email to register and then attempts to use the same email address to register a family member or friend. Please try using a different email address and you should be able to complete registration. If you still have trouble, please contact us at specialevents@ccalliance.org or (202) 628-0123 ext 104.

Fundraising / Donating

Event Day

  • Can I participate with a stroller? Can I bring my dog?

    Absolutely! This event is for all ages. You are never too young to start spreading awareness about colorectal cancer. Also, four legged friends are our allies too. Well-behaved, friendly, leashed dogs are welcome to participate in the Undy. Bonus if they’re wearing undies!

  • What happens if it rains on event day?

    We hold all events – rain, snow or shine! An event will only be canceled in extreme circumstances. If canceled, there will be no refunds and your registration fee will be considered a tax-deductible donation.

  • What happens if the Undy RunWalk falls on a holiday?

    Our number one goal is to honor colorectal cancer survivors and remember those we have lost while helping bring awareness to a disease that affects people of all races and religions. The Colorectal Cancer Alliance apologizes in advance if an Undy RunWalk event takes place during a holiday. We do our best to avoid holidays, but cities have limited options of when and where an event can be held. Today, the Undy RunWalk is held in many cities throughout the nation and we have to balance the needs of a particular city, as well as manage our national schedule. We thank you in advance for your support and appreciate your understanding.


Our thanks to you

Because of you, the Undy RunWalk has been a huge success year over year. Events continue to grow, sponsors keep contributing and the colorectal cancer community unites. Register online and go the extra mile for the cancer community by fundraising. For questions, reach out to specialevents@ccalliance.org or call (202) 204-7561.

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