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AllyCon Champions

See how our AllyCon Champions answered, "If someone asked you why they should go to AllyCon, what would you say?"

Anna Dahlgren

I would tell them that it is a great opportunity to meet others that understand what you are going through. It is also an opportunity to learn how to be an advocate if that is something you are ready for

Asia Thomas

To become an advocate for colorectal cancer! Or to just learn about what colorectal cancer is and how it affects people

Carleen Taylor

The conference gives support, educational info about colorectal cancer, and hope

Cathy Bowers

Opportunity to meet others who understand what you are experiencing, and the opportunity to learn more about the advances in colorectal cancer treatment

Chelle Benner

To be surrounded by this #bluefamily

Domenic Mattei

To connect with people who have walked and are walking in you shoes right now. No one walk alone we all walk alongside of you every step of the way

Howard Brown

Allycon is patient-centric / focused

Jacen Roberts

It changes your life. After my first one, I said it's an event I'll never miss going forward

Jean Di Carlo-Wagner

Great organization that is powerful and coordinated

Jennifer Bass

I want to keep using my story and powers for good to help as many people as I can

Kim Newcomer

I love getting to meet all the allies in person that attend year after year. They become like family to us. No one walks away alone, they walk out the doors with their new Alliance family

Kimberly Toles

No one should fight alone

Melissa Trow

You’ll meet people like you. You’ll learn so much to ask or what might be coming. If you are all of sudden faced with a new surgery or turn you can reach out to people and they will answer everything and give you so many tips and tricks

Sarah Wood

The landscape for colon cancer research and policy advocacy has been rapidly evolving over the last few years, saving countless lives. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements that could improve life for you and your loved ones. You'll also have opportunities to make friends with others in similar situations as you. No one should have to navigate CRC alone and AllyCon can help you expand your own support network and help others do the same

Tabitha Cavanagh

AllyCon is a great way to meet other people who just get it. It’s a time filled with bonding, learning and growing

Vanessa Ghigliotty

You can get to know the staff of the Alliance on a personal al level and meet so many other survivors, thrivers and caregivers who just get it. You come away with a sense of normalcy and feeling like you found a new "blue family"

Valerie Awad

I have attended Alliance conferences since 2013, and each time I walk away with such a great sense of family and community. I am humbled with each new conference I still learn many new things, and there is NOTHING like hugs from our #nationofallies

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