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  • What is AllyCon?

    AllyCon is the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's national conference for patients, survivors, caregivers, and family members. For the safety of our community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, AllyCon 2021 will be a virtual experience. 

  • How long has the Alliance held this event?

    The Alliance's first national conference was in 2002.

  • Who should attend, and is attendance limited?

    Attendance is open to all colorectal cancer patients and survivors, both in and out of treatment, their caregivers and family members. All attendees must register in advance through our online registration process.

  • How do I register and is there a registration fee?

    VirtuAllyCon 2021 is free to attend, but you must register online. Click here to register.

  • Where can I find the agenda?

    The full schedule of the conference is on the Alliance website here. Within the Whova conference platform, see the link for the agenda for each day to view and add sessions you want to attend.

  • How do I ask a speaker a question?

    Go to each session Q&A to ask a question prior to or during a session. During each session, there may be opportunities to ask questions in real time.

    NOTE: Due to time constraints, not all questions may be answered.

  • WHOVA - The VirtuAllyCon 2021 conference platform

    You can participate in the conference using either the website or the mobile Whova app (see download info below). However, when you log in, you must log in using the same email address that you used for registration. 

  • How do I download the Whova app?

    Download through the Apple App store or Google Play:
    Once you have downloaded the app, you must log in using the same email address that you used for registration.

    If you log in and it asks for a code, log out and create the registration with the email you used to register for the conference. If you cannot remember, email the registrar at registrar@ccalliance.org.

  • Once I am logged in to the Whova conference platform, where do I go?

    The Whova attendee guide, here, will be your home page. 
    Start by setting up your profile, settings, notifications, picture, personal and other information. 
    Mobile app: Go to the first name initial in circle on upper left corner OR Website: Go to  your name on upper right corner of website

    Post photos! Add a photo or two, and like / comment on other photos.
    Share! Create your icebreaker, share where you are from, connect with other attendees, and check out topics, groups, and meetups in the Communities tab. All of these activities will get you points so you can move up the leaderboard! 

  • If I can participate in a web browser, why would I download and use the app?

    The mobile Whova conference application allows you to interact with others on your phone in the app more conveniently wherever you go. View the leaderboard (and where you stand!), see photos, and invite people to join topics. The app will also send you notifications so that you can learn quickly about comments, news, and more.

  • What is an Allycon Champion?

    Champions are allies who are here to help you if you have questions. Connect with your assigned champion on your designated team or on the “Allycon Champion” meetup.

  • What do I do if I have questions?

    Ask the organizers questions in the ‘Ask Organizers Anything’ topic on Whova, email us at registrar@ccalliance.org, or call our Helpline at (877) 422-2030 for more help.

For additional information about the conference, please contact:

Colorectal Cancer Alliance
(877) 422-2030

To see the presentations and breakout sessions, please visit the agenda section of this website. Please note all times, events, meals, and speakers are subject to change.

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