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Jenna's Scotts Story

"AllyCon Changed My Life"

AllyCon Jenna Scott


Five years ago, Jenna had just celebrated her beautiful son Cameron’s first birthday when she learned she had stage IV colorectal cancer. "The news was devastating. It distracted me from the joy of this major milestone. I was embarrassed and hid my cancer from family and friends. At night, I would cry myself to sleep out of sheer loneliness."

One night Jenna found herself drowning in loneliness again. Instead of succumbing to it, she decided to do something about it. "I realized I needed to find others like me, people who could understand my unique experience and provide perspective, advice, even hope. That’s when I found AllyCon.  

Please make a gift today to provide hope to another patient like me through AllyCon."

Help Patients Find Their Home at AllyCon

Attending AllyCon in 2019 gave Jenna the space and courage to share her story for the first time. "Being surrounded by people who truly knew what I was going through allowed me to be vulnerable in a way I hadn’t been before. And in that vulnerability, I found healing." 

At the time, Jenna and her family were struggling financially. "We had the typical expenses for a young child and of course our mortgage, but the overwhelming costs of my care and treatment meant I needed financial help to be able to attend the conference. I was so lucky generous donors like you funded my scholarship to attend AllyCon." 

Please, make a gift today to support the Alliance and AllyCon scholarships, which cover travel, lodging, and registration costs for patients who can’t afford to attend.

Make an Impact

Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere and colorectal cancer patients belong at AllyCon. The year’s conference starts September 18 in Philadelphia, so your support now is critical.

"When I went to AllyCon, I knew I had found my home. The community I’ve built through the Alliance healed me then and sustains me now as I watch Cameron, 6 years old, develop into quite the baseball player. Please give now so many others can access the same transformational experience as me.

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