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Proud Mother, Writer, Lover of Life

Carrie Dunsmore was a gifted lawyer, avid reader, lifelong lover of this country, committed wife to her husband, and proud mother to her children, Nate, Peter, and Nora.  

Carrie was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer when she was pregnant with her third child, Nora, at the age of 35. Even with this diagnosis, Carrie continued writing reviews about books and her family trips to National Parks across the country, working as a lawyer, and spending time with loved ones. “I’m going to show my family and my friends love, because I can show them now.”

Carrie squeezed out every drop of the life she lived until she passed away on August 15, 2018. 

Mary Ellen composed the following message in honor of Carrie and the life she led.

As light I Came 

Into a loving family

Grew up with a love of learning 

A desire to make the world a better place 


As light I came

I became a lawyer a seeker of truth

As light I came

I loved people, the USA, justice


As light I came

To proclaim to the world that

Suffering and dying can bring about change


As light I came

I want to shine brightly, and through living my life to solve problems,

Find answers, CURE CANCER 


As light I Came to ASK YOUR HELP

The Alliance is grateful to all who loved Carrie Dunsmore and continues to fund the work of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. Moving forward, the Cure for Carrie Fund will continue to build awareness of colorectal cancer screening and research for finding new ways to battle colorectal cancer.

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