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The impact of a pandemic reaches crisis levels.

At The Alliance

51% Increase in Financial Assistance Applications 

Screenings have dropped by 86% relative to averages prior to January 2020

Source: Epic Health Research Network

At The Alliance

20% Increase for Support Services provided by our Patient and Family Support Navigators

18,000 missed or delayed colorectal cancer diagnoses from early March to early June 2020

Source: IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science

Every donation equals impact

The Alliance must continue to meet the critical needs of our community.


View Fund Impact Report

Screening Awareness

Specific marketing efforts aimed at educating the general public about all screening options during the pandemic with accompanying patient navigation.

Personal Support

Our certified patient and family support navigators provide individualized emotional support on our toll-free helpline, online chat, and through telephone navigation. Learn More

Community Support

Our private, virtual support community, Blue Hope Nation,supports individuals and families as they unite during a critical time of isolation. Join the Community

Crisis Financial Assistance Fund

The new Crisis Financial Assistance Fund helps patients in treatment contending with escalating medical costs and financial anxiety during the COVID 19 crisis. Learn More

Small Group Virtual Chats

Small group virtual chats are devoted to conversation and compassion around all the new feelings, fears, and realities facing our community each day. Learn More

Clinical Trial Finder

Advanced colorectal cancer clinical trial finder and education program to guide patients through the search, enrollment and participation process. Visit Page

Our allies need information and support from a compassionate community like never before.

Who needs your support?

Mike and his wife Fallon need you

With his first child on the way, Mike has everything to look forward to. He also has a lot on the line.

As a stage IV colorectal cancer patient undergoing treatment in New York City, Mike is navigating some of the scariest days of his life.

Mike - In His Words

"My biggest fear right now is getting the virus. I’m fighting cancer so I don’t have a great option to stay home and truly quarantine all the time.”

“My wife, Fallon, is also six months pregnant with our first child so the stress on both of us is extreme.”

“COVID-19 impacted the plans for my most recent lung ablation as well as my follow up scans and plans for treatment. The procedure was delayed and has caused even more stress with the anticipation of waiting for an upcoming appointment.”

The Alliance’s new Care During COVID-19 Fund directly supports patients like Mike and his growing family. They need your support today!

Who needs your support?

Holly relies on the Alliance!

Aaron was diagnosed at age 30 with stage IV colorectal cancer. He and his wife and caregiver, Holly, face fear and challenges in a COVID-19 world.

Holly - In Her Words

"I am not allowed to attend treatment with my husband and support him through it.”

“My biggest fear now is that the situation with COVID-19 will delay potentially life-sustaining treatment and scans for my husband.”

“The Alliance team has been critical in moral and emotional support. They have also connected us with contacts we wouldn’t have known about otherwise and they alerted us to potential clinical trials we were unaware of. Daily chat has been a great resource and place to go for socialization.”

The Alliance’s new Care During COVID-19 Fund directly supports the programs Holly and Aaron have relied upon both before and after the onset of COVID-19.

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