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The Colorectal Cancer Alliance recognizes that there is a growing disconnect between drug development, which is increasingly personalized and the various reimbursement models which are increasingly “one size fits all” as a way to control costs. The Alliance supports reimbursement models that help make treatments for colorectal cancer more accessible and affordable, but oppose those that do so at the expense of innovation. We believe each patient is unique and this must be recognized both in the treatment decisions and in how we pay for that treatment. Our advocacy efforts currently focus on:

  • ​Maintaining individual mandate or support other proposals that will create stability in exchange market; Supporting proposals to continue reinsurance
  • 340B-Continue support for efforts to lower cost for patients
  • Opposing elimination of tax deduction for medical expenses in House version of tax plan. Oppose tax plan if final version would result in Medicare cuts
  • Supporting funding for CHIP program in budget bill
  • Monitoring reimbursement plans from CMS, evaluate impact on patient access and oppose initiatives that limit access to appropriate care

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Colonoscopy and screening initiatives

We are committed to increasing the screen rate and we support initiatives that improve access to and quality of colonoscopies, as well as access to alternative screening methods for adults that cannot or will not have a colonoscopy. Colorectal cancer can be largely prevented with timely screening, yet a third of at-risk adults have not taken this potentially lifesaving step. Our advocacy efforts currently focus on:

  • ​Colonoscopy Quality Control Measures
  • Closing the Medicare Colonoscopy Loophole
  • USPSTF final recommendations on DNA stool test and CT Colonography
  • Obtaining HEDIS measure for DNA stool test
  • Ensuring coverage for DNA blood test

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