In the spring of 2016, the Salah Foundation offered to match, dollar for dollar, all research donations up to $125,000. This generous gift motivated our community of supporters to give big for research, resulting in an additional $250,000 in funding to help end this disease. Thank you to the Salah Foundation and everyone who donated in the name of colon cancer research in 2016!

In 2016, more than 135,000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 50,000 people will die from the disease. Colorectal cancer is a unique cancer—it’s preventable and beatable with screening and early detection.

With advances in research, we can pinpoint certain gene mutations and develop precise treatments and therapies for those battling the disease.


The Colon Cancer Alliance is committed to doing more to support research through partnerships with researchers, hospitals, and medical centers. While the Salah Foundation matching gift has been met, we have a long way to go to fund all the research needed to help end colon cancer. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.

We have pledged more than $1.6 million for innovative research work to Georgetown’s Lombardi Cancer Center and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Additionally, the Colon Cancer Alliance has supported research efforts dedicated to new clinical trials, immunotherapy, alternative medicine, biomarker research and young onset colorectal cancer.

“We are getting to a spot where we are turning terminal cancer into a manageable disease like diabetes or HIV. Because of the advances in research, people are living for years and years with what was previously considered a terminal disease. These new discoveries are making it possible for so many people to live and thrive until we find a cure.”

This time last year, 30-year-old Stephen Estrada was living day to day, afraid to make even short-term plans. Now, Stephen is thriving after a year of participation in a phase one immunotherapy clinical trial we helped fund at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. He credits his turnaround to the groundbreaking work of Oncologist and researcher Dr. Wells Messersmith, who is managing the immunotherapy trial.

Prior to the clinical trial, Stephen endured surgery and six months of chemotherapy, which was so intense he dwindled to just 110 pounds. Fortunately, scans now show Stephen’s tumors are shrinking as a result of the immunotherapy clinical trial.


We would like to express special thanks to the following people who kicked off the campaign by donating in the name on research before June 1, 2016;

Caitlin Smith
Candy Gilley
Deborah Finn
Javier Morgado
Jeannie Moore
Jennifer King
John Lloyd
Julie Clowes

Karen Bellah
Karen Melnik
Karen Nolan Manzini
Kate Swasey
Kelsey Valley
Kitty Knell
Linda Major
Marguerite Martin
Martin Gargiule Ii

Melissa Lynch
Michael Butler
Michelle Potter
Nicole Cote
Paul Leleck
Paul Weaver
Teri Griege
Teri Hinds
Tina Korsmoe