Legacy Member Spotlight: Gail Gadekar

When people_gailGail went to the doctor in 2002, she expected to be treated for a minor urinary tract infection. Instead, she received the shock of her life: a stage III colon cancer diagnosis. Later, she learned that her family had a strong genetic predisposition for colon cancer, Gail and her family had no knowledge until her diagnosis. Instead of giving up, Gail fought her disease bravely, vowing to beat this disease. She participated in clinical trials, helping to provide desperately needed research information for her condition and future patients. Unfortunately, Gail passed away on May 22, 2008.

Before her passing, Gadekar wanted to make sure to help those in her same position. As someone diagnosed at 39, Gail expressed a strong interest in increasing awareness for those under age 50 and encouraging screening as a whole. Her father, Dr. S.M. Gadekar, a biochemist in the pharmaceutical research field, chose to honor Gail’s wishes and memory by donating her inheritance to our Blue Hope Financial Assistance Program. The Gadekar family’s generosity has supported the lives of those impacted by colon cancer and we’re forever grateful for their dedication to our mission.