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Funding priorities

New discovery research

We believe in the importance of finding new ways to battle colorectal cancer; such as biomarkers, personalized medicine, and immunotherapy. We want more research that will extend and improve patients’ quality of life beyond what is available with current treatment pathways. We will fund critical research on innovative, less evasive and cost-effective screening methods for this unique cancer that can improve overall screening rates.

Translational research

We want the research we fund to have a tangible impact on people with colorectal cancer – taking scientific advances gained in the laboratory, and translating them into therapies more quickly so that there are direct benefits for patients.

Clinical trials and infrastructure

Clinical trials are integral to improving colorectal cancer survivorship and quality of life after a cancer diagnosis – whether receiving the best-known treatment, or one that may prove to be better. We also provide funding for Certified Patient & Family Support Navigators to assist patients and resources to give more people access to clinical trials.

Focus areas

Young-onset colorectal cancer

We make sure our research includes young-onset colorectal cancer, specifically because survival rates for this population have lagged far behind those diagnosed over the age of 50. While we know that colorectal cancer incidence rates are on the rise for those under age 50, there is not enough research currently available to explain these rising statistics. We support research that seeks to better understand young-onset colorectal cancer, as well as research that looks at improved therapies for those in treatment.

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