Legacy Member Spotlight: Dianne Shartzer

Dianne Shartzer Final Photo copy blown upDianne Shartzer was born and raised in Virginia. She married a West Point graduate, raised two sons and worked tirelessly as a pediatric registered nurse. She provided outstanding nursing care for infants and children in hospitals, pediatric clinics and high schools during her lifetime. She was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer at the young age of 49. Her faith in God was so strong that both she and her husband believed that He would provide the miracle needed to defeat the cancer.

Throughout Dianne’s fight against colon cancer, she always demonstrated an unconditional love and forgiveness for others. Even when her body and organs failed to function properly, she remained proactive in seeking the best that medicine could offer. She never lost her will to live, and endured countless treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery while suffering unimaginable pain.

ShartzerIf Dianne were alive today, she would ask everyone to not believe that one can wait until age 50 for a colonoscopy. She would tell you to get a second opinion if you have an undiagnosed pain or medical abnormality between your neck and waistline. She would also tell you that God does not always provide the miraculous cure, but He will sustain your faith and give you strength to fight this insidious disease.

Dianne’s hope and wish was that that each individual fighting colon cancer would continuously pray and seek the cure. She would encourage you to fight this disease to the end, and remember the example of Jesus Christ. In the most intense moments of pain, Dianne could still smile at you and tell you “Better Days Ahead.”

Colon cancer can kill you, and it is killing more and more people under the age of 50. Dianne would want that trend reversed with a greater emphasis on earlier screenings and colonoscopies. Thus, if you wish to honor Dianne’s life or help those who are living with this insidious disease, please donate to the Blue Hope Financial Assistance Program. Thank you.