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Nutrition with an Ostomy

Have you had a colostomy or colectomy? Learn how some small adjustments your diet can make a big difference in your wellness.

Learn More Download Common Intestinal Reactions to Food PDF

Hydration with an Ostomy

It is important as an ostomate to stay hydrated. Here are a few ways to prevent dehydration.

Learn More Oral Rehydration Recipes

Nutrition Therapy for Ostomates

Have you had a colostomy, ileostomy, or colectomy? Learn how small adjustments to your diet can make a big difference in your wellness.

Learn More

Sexual Health for Ostomates

Having a stoma does not mean sexual functioning stops. Here are some tips to keep in mind after your ostomy surgery. 

Learn More

Physical Activity for Ostomates

Exercise is one of the healthiest things for the body- ostomates included. Find out more about how to ease back into workouts, some suggested physical activities, and some abdomen specific exercises to help build up the core. 

Learn More

Care and Pain Management for Ostomates

Learn how to care for your stoma. We've compiled tips and tricks for living with an ostomy, including what to do if a complication arises. 

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Ostomy Frequently Asked Questions

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