Legacy Member Spotlight: Carol Green

After Carol was diagnosed with colon cancer, she expressed a strong interest in learning more about her disease. It waspeople-CaroleGreen with zeal that she found the Colon Cancer Alliance and realized the support system that exists through our informational pages, toll-free Helpline, and connections to health professionals and patients across the country.

As someone diagnosed at an early stage, she realized quickly how preventable and treatable colon cancer can be. Knowing that many people could not afford screenings, she set out to help those in need. Carol lived life to the fullest, but always kept sight of what was important: giving back. In late 2010, we learned of Carol’s death and the gift she left to our organization. She believed in helping people and wanted to ensure screening was available to everyone, regardless of their financial status. With her extremely generous donation, we help carry on Carol’s vision by increasing funding for colon cancer awareness and screening programs, including Blue Hope Financial Assistance.